• In the Beginning, God Devotional

    Genesis 1:1

    The Creator-creature distinction is fundamental to biblical theology. Every act of sin arises when we forget that we are not the Creator and then attempt to live by our own rules. Every orthodox summary of theology submits itself to what God the Creator has said and not to our own ideas of goodness, truth, and beauty. True worship begins when we see that we are but creatures and owe our Creator thanksgiving and praise. View Resource

  • The Futility of Life Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 1

    As Christians, we are to live life “under heaven” — aware of the Lord who sees us and who will render judgment on what we have done. This means we should be serious about learning His will and fulfilling it in all that we do. On the one hand, the Lord’s grace means we should not fear that He is out to get us when we fail. On the other hand, we must not take this grace for granted but strive to live lives of service to our great King. View Resource

  • Does God Necessarily Exist? Devotional

    John 1:1–5

    The god of the philosophers is not the God of the Bible. We worship and serve no abstract First Cause but a loving Father. Yet, we also know that our loving God is the self-sufficient origin of all things. Praise God for His power that allows Him to create the complex beauty of the universe. View Resource