• The Church in Rome Arises Devotional

    Philippians 1:14

    Seeing the truth of God’s Word confirmed can make us more bold in the proclamation of His gospel. As our doubts are assuaged, we see that we have given our lives to One who is absolutely trustworthy, and we are even more encouraged to follow Him. If you are lacking confidence in God’s Word, reading some works by effective Christian apologists can do much to help you become even more sure of the truth of Christ. View Resource

  • Wisdom in the World Devotional

    Colossians 4:5

    One commentator has said that things would be drastically different on the mission field at home and abroad if believers felt the same urgency to reach others with the gospel as they do to secure their own welfare. The wealth and standard of living that most of us enjoy are not evil in themselves, but it can be tempting to spend all our time seeking to improve our lot while ignoring the destiny of the lost people all around us. View Resource

  • Proclaiming Christ Devotional

    Colossians 1:28-29

    God calls all of us to take part in the teaching ministry of the church, though not all of us have the same role. Some will be ordained teachers. Others will help their children memorize Scripture. Still others may support the work of ministries that help train indigenous pastors around the world. There are a variety of ways to advance the proclamation of the gospel. What are you doing to further the church’s teaching ministry? View Resource

  • Fulfilling the Call to Missions Devotional

    Matthew 10:40–42

    Only a small percentage of Christians are called to full-time service in the church. Yet even those who do not work in the foreign mission field or hold ecclesiastical office are vital to the extension of the Gospel. Besides working diligently in our jobs and evangelizing those in our lives, praying for the growth of the kingdom, volunteering in the church, and giving money for outreach are all ways we can fulfill Christ’s call to care for His ministers. View Resource

  • The Biblical Basis for Missions Devotional

    John 3:16-17

    Not all of us are called to be full-time missionaries, but all of us are called to be involved in missions — if not as goers, then as senders. Have you fully grasped the importance of world missions to the plans of God? Consider today the budget you have established for giving to worldwide outreach. Try to increase what you give to the sending of workers — if not permanently, then in a one-time gift to a missionary who needs support to fulfill his call. View Resource

  • Systematic Evangelism Devotional

    Acts 8:1–8

    Many people leave evangelism up to Sunday school teachers and the preaching of the pastor. However, this confuses teaching with evangelism. The teaching ministry of the church is essential to the growth of the kingdom, but its primary task is to educate those who are already Christians — any evangelism that happens is secondary. If you feel unequipped to share the Gospel, seek a program designed to help you preach the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus. View Resource

  • Salt and Light Devotional

    Matthew 5:13–16

    Christ’s call for us to be salt and light is not an impossible one. In keeping with New Testament ethics, Jesus first tells us what we are and then calls us to live up to that standard. In Him we are salt and light (Matt. 5:13–16), and so we are to live out by faith what He has made us to be. If you are discouraged by your saltlessness or darkness, remember that Jesus declares you to be salt and light and press on, knowing that by the power of the Spirit you can obey His charge. View Resource

  • The Divine Initiative Devotional

    Ephesians 2:1–10

    If we use the doctrine of election as an excuse to do no evangelizing in the world, we have perverted the Word of God. No one but Paul more clearly explained the Lord’s gracious election, and no one was ever more zealous to extend the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Therefore, Christians, let us learn how to present the message of salvation through Christ alone to friends and family. Let us give our resources abundantly for the proclamation of the Gospel. View Resource

  • Joy in Samaria Devotional

    Acts 8:5-8

    It has been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week. This should not be, for Christ is building His church from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Ask your church leaders what you can do to take the Gospel to any unreached people in your area. And ask God to help you overcome any prejudices you might have. View Resource

  • Testifying of God’s Mercy Devotional

    Psalm 51

    Read John 4:1–42. What did the woman do when she heard that Jesus was the Messiah? What was the result of her testimony? Do you feel compelled to tell others of the mercy of Christ? Think through your testimony today and how you would teach others of God’s mercy. Write it down to help organize your thoughts. View Resource

  • The Need for Missionaries Devotional

    Romans 10:13–17

    Is your pastor all you’d like him to be? Can it be that the reason he is not is that his people aren’t interceding for him, protecting him from the fierce assaults and subtle seductions of the demonic realm? If you’d like to see some improvement in the pastoral ministry in your local church, the place to start working for it is on your knees. View Resource

  • The “Innocent Native” Devotional

    Matthew 9:9–13

    All people are without excuse before God. The knowledge that apart from Jesus Christ there can be no salvation ought to motivate us strongly in support of missions. Purpose this day to support missionaries at home and abroad. Pray regularly for them and their families. View Resource