• Righteousness and Life Devotional

    John 3:36

    When we believe in Jesus alone, we are immediately granted the gift of eternal life. There is nothing else we need to do in order to receive this life, and if we think that we must do good works in order to earn a right status before God, then we have missed the gospel. This is a precious truth that we must remind ourselves of again and again in order to really get it in our bloodstreams, as Dr. R.C. Sproul has often said. Faith in Christ alone is the way to eternal life. View Resource

  • A Renewed Creation Devotional

    Revelation 21

    The ultimate Christian hope is not a disembodied spiritual existence but a resurrected body in which we perfectly bring glory to God and reflect His awesome holiness. We will be finally and fully complete at our resurrection as our entire selves — body and soul — will function just as the Lord originally designed us. Sin will no longer be a problem, and we will never have to fear that we will suffer again. View Resource

  • The Surety of Our Resurrection Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:3–34

    Knowing that Jesus has been raised from the dead gives us the sure hope of eternal life and the confidence that all wrongs will eventually be righted. We are sure that Jesus has been raised from the dead because of the sure testimony of the Word of God, testimony that is confirmed by the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, the historical witness to the resurrection, and much more. We can trust the sure promises of our trustworthy Creator. View Resource

  • Life After Death Devotional

    John 14:1–4

    In many ways, the world teaches us to dread the day of death. Yet while death in and of itself is an intruder in the created order and an enemy to the people of God, there is a sense in which we can legitimately look forward to the day on which we die because at that point we will enter into our eternal, heavenly dwelling. Unless the Lord returns beforehand, death represents the point at which we will first see God face to face. View Resource

  • The Resurrection and the Life Devotional

    John 11:17-27

    God made us as beings of both flesh and spirit, and we will experience our redemption fully only when both body and spirit have been raised and glorified. On that day, we will be free of all disease and pain, and we will be able to live as we were originally made to live — in the very presence of our Lord. Let us rejoice that God will not reject these bodies of ours but will perfect them in the day of Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Good News of Life Devotional

    Isaiah 25:1-9

    Jesus’ promise of eternal life to all those who believe the gospel was not new with His arrival, for it was promised by God throughout the history of Israel. All of God’s people in every generation have known that faith in Him will be rewarded with a life that can never be lost. Understanding that we are safe in His arms forevermore enables us not to be afraid to stand firm for Him in all things. View Resource

  • No Murderer Devotional

    1 John 3:14–15

    How comfortable are you in hating other professing Christians? Do you hold grudges? Do you purposefully avoid speaking to believers whom you dislike? Do you recount all the wrongs someone has done to you even after they have apologized? Ask the Lord to help you search your heart and to make you distressed when you hate another Christian. If you presently hate someone, perform an act of love for that person today as you ask God to change your heart. View Resource

  • Christ is Risen Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:3–34

    Since the Enlightenment, many have said the resurrection is impossible and that we can still have Christianity even if we deny the supernaturalism of Scripture. However, if Christ has not been raised then our faith is in vain (1 Cor. 15:14). Both Scripture and many empirical evidences attest to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to increase your faith in His resurrection and when you doubt, review both the Bible and the evidence for the resurrection. View Resource

  • Trusting in Death Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:12-22

    It is normal to fear death, for death is not normal. Do you struggle with this fear? Remind yourself that Christ’s resurrection is the heart of your faith. He said He would not stay dead, and He did not. Then reflect on His promises for believers in the next life (see below). Take this struggle to Him and ask for the ability to trust Him for all eternity. View Resource

  • The Beauties of Heaven Devotional

    Revelation 21

    The greatest aspect of heaven is the presence of God. Our worship should serve as a brief taste of the glories of being in His presence. Remember as you go to public worship this Sunday that you are entering the glorious presence of the High King of the universe. View Resource