• Blessings for Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 27:1-45

    It is comforting to know that despite our best efforts, we cannot undo the Lord’s intent to bless His children. Still, we cannot take this as a license to sin, for our evil ways will inevitably cause us much hardship in this life. We should also note that a persistent, impenitent refusal to walk in the path of Jesus can indicate that we are not redeemed, and that if we do not turn from our ways, we forfeit the blessing promised to all those in Christ. View Resource

  • Reconciled Brothers Devotional

    Genesis 33:4–11

    Jesus said that all people would know His disciples by their love for one another (John 13:35). The most tangible expression of this love is our forgiveness of others. If pagans like Esau can forgive, our readiness to pardon others and be restored to fellowship should be all the more evident. Unfortunately, we Christians are often guilty of not forgiving other believers for even the most minor of offenses. Forgive today just as the Lord has forgiven you. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Gift Devotional

    Genesis 32:13–21

    Jacob’s attempt to buy off his brother shows how little he trusted God to keep him safe as he returned to the Promised Land. He goes too far in trying to make amends with Esau, unconsciously showing a willingness to give up the blessing the Lord brought to him in Paddan-aram. Do you trust God to provide for you even if you have greatly displeased Him? If you have come to rely on Christ alone do not be like Jacob, but trust Him to provide for you. View Resource

  • Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 25:24–28

    At the end of the month we will spend some concentrated time on the doctrine of election, which is found illustrated in Genesis 25. For now, be reminded that if you are in Christ, God knew you from the foundation of the world and chose to set His effectual love on you. When we fear we have fallen too far, we should be reminded of the great love that first brought us to Jesus and even now will restore us upon repentance, no matter the gravity of our sin. View Resource