• Not Envious or Boastful Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4

    Envy is an easy sin to hide because we can keep our mouths shut about what we are feeling in our hearts when we see others get blessings we have been longing for. It is therefore important to be constantly considering our inward attitudes and confessing them before God and maybe even brothers or sisters in Christ whom we trust. Envy can lead to all manner of other sins, and so we must ever strive to keep it in check. View Resource

  • Sons for Rachel Devotional

    Genesis 30:1–13

    John Calvin writes, “Moses, by exhibiting this evil in Rachel, would teach us that it is inherent in all: in order that each of us, tearing it up by the roots, may vigilantly purify himself from it.” Thankfully, the Lord can use sin to advance His purposes, but the elect never take this for granted. Consider how God has used an improper motivation on your part to advance His kingdom and thank Him for His grace. Then, repent over your sin if you have not yet done so. View Resource

  • The Repentant Heart Devotional

    James 4:1–17

    When was the last time you spent a day or part of a day in prayer and fasting, reading the psalms, going deep inside yourself before God and crying out to Him? We all need this from time to time. Otherwise our lives become glib and our hearts become hard. Target those areas of your life, like envy, where you know God desires change. View Resource

  • The Evil of Envy Devotional

    James 3:13–18

    Selfish ambition is very dangerous. God has many good things for us, but often He tells us to be patient. We must be careful not to eye jealously what God freely gives to our neighbors. Going about our daily business with delight for the prosperity and well-being of our neighbor is most difficult. How have you been doing? View Resource