• Money and Inflation Devotional

    Proverbs 20:10

    Some have called inflation “the cruelest tax of all.” An artificial increase in the money supply is actually a type of oppression because it harms the poor and the elderly who live on fixed incomes. The biblical mandate to meet the needs of the orphan and widow is all the more urgent when inflation runs rampant. Do what you can to encourage fiscal discipline in the government and work with your church leaders to help the needy in your congregation. View Resource

  • The Theory of Value Devotional

    Luke 12:34

    Our work and purchasing serves to meet the needs of other people. Every time we buy something we put somebody, somewhere, to work. Yet each purchase we make also involves making a decision of what not to buy, since a dollar spent on one thing cannot be used for another. Our treasures, as today’s passage teaches, truly do indicate where our highest priorities lie. Where does your heart lie, according to your bank statement? View Resource

  • The Building of Wealth Devotional

    Romans 7:4

    We must always be wary of the temptation to seek security in our wealth, for it is the fool who trusts in his riches (Prov. 11:28). Nevertheless, it is not inherently sinful to be wealthy or to make a profit. In fact, we should seek to be profitable and productive so that we may be able to better support the work of the kingdom. Take some time today to look at your personal budget and try to find ways to use more of your money for the sake of the Gospel. View Resource

  • Reasons for Poverty Devotional

    Deuteronomy 15:11

    Consider your attitude to the poor today. Do you assume all poor people are lazy? Are you sensitive to those who have become impoverished due to a calamity and then seek to meet their needs? Also consider where your chief concerns lie. Are you so concerned with earning a bigger paycheck that you neglect possibilities to use your gifts for the kingdom because you may suffer a loss in income? Give generously to the poor and eagerly serve the kingdom. View Resource