• Paul’s Concluding Doxology Devotional

    Romans 16:25-26

    Note that in today’s passage, those whom the preaching of Jesus Christ will strengthen are the Roman Christians—men and women who are already believers. God not only brings His people to faith through the preaching of the gospel, but He also strengthens them in their faith through the continual preaching and application of the gospel. Attending to the preached Word of God should be one of the primary goals in our lives, for that is how the Lord matures us. View Resource

  • Theology and Doxology Devotional

    1 Timothy 1:17

    It is very easy to sing hymns in the church without paying attention to what the words are saying about God. As we offer praise to the Lord each Sunday we should also consider what it is we are saying about Him in order that we might glorify Him with understanding and learn even more about Him as we honor Him. Let us think on the lyrics of the songs, hymns, and spiritual songs at our churches as we sing them, and may we praise the Lord with all that we are. View Resource

  • Now to Him Devotional

    Jude 24–25

    God’s ability to keep His people from falling away is a source of profound comfort to believers. However, we must not think we can be passive with respect to our salvation. Though our efforts do not merit God’s favor, His preserving work is demonstrated as we pursue Christ and His Law. Consider today any persistent sin with which you are dealing. Seek accountability with a close friend so you may overcome it, and ask others to pray for you in this matter. View Resource

  • From Praise to Praise Devotional

    Romans 11:11–36

    This principal, “To Him are all things,” is critical for our understanding. Remember that the great expanse of the universe, the intricacy and design of creation, the panoramic scope of history, even the great plan of redemption all find their ultimate meaning and significance not in the pleasure of man, but as they glorify God. View Resource