• Whoever Knows God Devotional

    1 John 4:5–6

    Are you from the world or are you from God? Do you heed the voice of Jesus that speaks through His apostles in the New Testament writings or do you listen to the voice of the world that speaks through our sinful inclinations? Ask the Lord to search your heart to find where you have been listening to the world. Find at least one other person in whom you can confide and who will help you hear the voice of God through biblical admonition, rebuke, and exhortation. View Resource

  • In the Flesh Devotional

    1 John 4:2–3

    In our day there are many who deny the incarnation because of their anti-supernaturalistic biases. Perhaps due to the rising interest in the supernatural, many affirm the incarnation but deny that it had any implications for the exclusivity of Jesus and the Christian faith. If Jesus is in fact the incarnate Son of God, however, He must likewise be the only way to salvation. As you share your faith, do not forget what the incarnation means for Jesus’ exclusivity. View Resource

  • Test the Spirits Devotional

    1 John 4:1

    In 2 Corinthians 11:14, the apostle Paul warns us that Satan often masquerades as an angel of light. Our enemy is a deceiver and will sometimes hide in the church, influencing teachers subtly or overtly to deny the Word of God. It is therefore incumbent upon us to know theology and study the Scriptures so that we might be able to test the spirits. Spend time today reviewing an essential doctrine of the faith, such as the Trinity, the person of Christ, or justification by faith alone. View Resource

  • Lessons in Humility Devotional

    James 1:19–27

    The ability to listen to many sides of an issue before adding one’s own opinion manifests self-control and a teachable spirit. Those who are quick to speak are selfishly concerned with their point of view—they like to be heard. The church needs believers who will be quick to listen with discernment and slow to speak words of true wisdom. View Resource