• Living and Dying to the Lord Devotional

    Romans 14:7–8

    Understanding that it is not our job to judge others who disagree with us regarding minor issues is freeing. Those with whom we differ belong to the Lord, so we can leave it in His hands to sort everything out. We are then freed up to seek the Lord and to serve Him in the best way that we can. In so doing, we are far more likely to succeed. We have enough to worry about in regard to our own obedience, so we do not need to be concerned about others when it really does not matter. View Resource

  • Honoring the Lord Devotional

    Romans 14:5–6

    John Calvin says the weak in the Roman church “would have thought otherwise, had they possessed a certain and a clear knowledge of Christian liberty. But in abstaining from what they thought to be unlawful, they evidenced piety, as it would have been a proof of presumption and contempt, had they done anything contrary to the dictates of conscience.” Mature Christians should keep this in mind, and strive to come alongside the less mature to help them learn God’s Word. View Resource