• Lord Over the Hearts of Men Devotional

    Proverbs 21:1

    The manner in which God exercises His providential rule is a mystery, but we know that He never directs us in such a way that we cease to be morally responsible for our actions. Though the Lord ordains whatsoever comes to pass, those who do evil are still held accountable for it. This is comforting, for it reminds us that God is working even the worst things for our good. Yet it is also sobering, reminding us that we cannot take for granted His grace in restraining us from sinning with abandon. View Resource

  • Straightening Our Paths Devotional

    Proverbs 3:5–6

    Hindsight, as they say, is always twenty-twenty. When we find ourselves in the place where the Lord wants us, we can often look back and see that the circuitous path it took us to get there was actually perfectly straight, that what seemed like twists and turns at the time were necessary steps along the road. When we feel as if we are wandering, we must remember that if we are trusting in God, He is actually guiding us on His straight path. View Resource