• Profaning a Holy Sign Devotional

    Genesis 34:13–17

    The Lord does not take the misuse of His signs and seals lightly. In fact, Paul says those who misuse the sacraments, especially the Lord’s Supper, may end up dead (1 Cor. 11:29–30). Therefore, let us not profane God’s holy ordinances. Let us examine ourselves before they are celebrated and look to meet Christ in them. May we not treat them as automatic conduits of saving grace but realize that they benefit us only if we trust Jesus (1 John 4:21; 5:1). View Resource

  • Jacob’s Sin of Omission Devotional

    Genesis 34:5–7

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes, “When we sin against God, we do violence to his holiness. When we sin against our neighbor, we violate his or her humanity” (Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, p. 144). Transgression is not only a direct violation of God’s law. We also sin each time we fail to do what He says. It is wrong to neglect sharing the Gospel, ignore the plight of the oppressed, or disregard the well-being of our neighbors. Are you guilty of these sins of omission? View Resource