• Death Comes to All Devotional

    Psalm 49

    Read 1 Timothy 6:17–19. What does Paul say is great gain? What does he say about people who want to get rich? Does this mean being rich is wrong? What does Paul say we should pursue? In what ways do you depend on passing riches rather than true riches? View Resource

  • Don’t Worry, Be Joyful Devotional

    Philippians 4:4–7

    Knowledge that death does not have the final say is but one of the many reasons why we as Christians can find the fullness of joy in the Lord (Phil. 4:4). Jesus has brought us so many other benefits and blessings, including fellowship with His body the church, material provisions, comfort in times of trouble, and countless other gifts. Let us consider today all the reasons we have to be joyful and rejoice in the Lord. View Resource

  • Dying in Faith Devotional

    Hebrews 11:13–16

    The Bible is clear that all those with true faith will persevere until the end. No one can snatch us from Christ’s hand (John 10:27–28). However, our perseverance is not accomplished outside of our own efforts. Though faith is a gift that the elect will certainly exercise, once it is given we must still use it. Ask the Lord to strengthen your faith and, if you are struggling to believe, find another Christian who can help you through your doubts. View Resource

  • The Exaltation of Christ Devotional

    Ephesians 1:21

    Christ’s reign and protection of His people does not guarantee that we will not face hardship, trials, and suffering as long as this present sinful order exists, for He has promised that suffering will be the lot of His people until His return (2 Tim. 2:3). What we can be confident of, on account of our Savior’s reign, is that we will be vindicated on that last day, proving that our suffering for His sake is never in vain. View Resource

  • God Will Swallow up Death Forever Devotional

    Isaiah 25

    Paul tells us that “the last enemy to be destroyed is death” (1 Cor. 15:26) because he recognizes that death continues to plague creation even though Christ dealt it a mortal blow by His own death and resurrection. Death still inflicts pain upon us and our world; nevertheless, we will not have to fight death forever. Moreover, if we are in Christ, we need not fear death should we die before Christ returns. In Him we are alive and will have victory over death and its effects. View Resource

  • Life After Death Devotional

    John 14:1–4

    It is possible to become so preoccupied with the cares of this world that we forget that our deaths are not the end. The sufferings and travails of life will one day give way to the bliss of heaven for all of those who trust in Jesus. How often do you contemplate the joys of eternal life? Spend some time today meditating on the fact that you will spend eternity with the Father. Let this knowledge motivate you to entrust all you have into His mighty hand. View Resource

  • The Ransom Theory Devotional

    Mark 10:35–45

    When we enter this world in Adam, we owe God a great debt for breaking His law. We can by no means ever pay this debt, and it is futile even to try to appease our Father by our good works. But Christ has paid this debt for all who love Him, and He has set us free from the dominion of Satan and his minions. Nothing more needs to be done, and we can rest knowing that we are at peace with God and no longer in debt to Him for violating His law. View Resource

  • The Resurrection Predicted Devotional

    Matthew 17:22–23

    Many Christians do not think about the future resurrection, assuming that we will live forever in heaven as spirits without a body. Yet this is not the Bible’s picture of our final state. Though there is an intermediate state in which the believer dwells with God before the last judgment, Scripture says that we will have renewed bodies in a new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). Christianity does not believe the body was created evil; it looks forward to its full restoration View Resource

  • The Sting of Death Devotional

    Hosea 13:14

    God’s judgment is not an end in itself. Instead, when He brings death and destruction, the goal is life for His people. In the condemnation of the wicked, the Lord is glorified for His justice and righteousness, and that leads to greater life for His people because true life comes from knowing God in all His fullness. God kills and He makes alive (Deut. 32:39), and we see this particularly clearly in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Why do Christians Die? Devotional

    Psalm 116:15

    Considered in and of itself, death is not a good thing. It is only here because of the fall. Yet considered in the broader context of the Christian life, death can be viewed as a positive change. After all, when we die we will be in the immediate presence of our triune God, and we will never sin again. Christians alone have this precious hope, and it is a hope that we should proclaim to all those who do not know our Savior. View Resource