• Deacons Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    Jesus tells us very clearly that those who want to be great in the kingdom of God must serve others (Matt. 23:11). None of us should ever think that we are too good or hold too high of a position to do particular tasks. Instead, we must be willing to do even the smallest and least enjoyable tasks when that is what is necessary to serve the needs of others. Let us serve others with gladness and fulfill Christ’s call to greatness. View Resource

  • The Deacon’s Home Devotional

    1 Timothy 3:12

    We who belong to God’s household need to keep in mind that a person’s way of life identifies him as a potential church servant, not his charisma, social influence, or good looks. Our culture prizes these things, but we must esteem only those who live a life of repentance and proven character. As you help identify your congregation’s elders and deacons, make sure that the quality of godliness is your chief concern. View Resource

  • Women Servants Devotional

    1 Timothy 3:11

    Reformed Christians who affirm Scripture’s final authority continue to differ over whether women may be ordained as deacons. What is not up for debate is that the traits Paul lists in 1 Timothy 3:11 should be true of all Christian women, regardless of one’s position on deaconesses. If you are a woman, are you making a concerted effort to avoid slander and to be faithful? If you are a man, are you encouraging the women in your life in these things? View Resource

  • The Testing of Deacons Devotional

    1 Timothy 3:10

    John Calvin also explains that “those men are to be chosen who are approved by their past life in such a manner that, after what may be called full inquiry, they are ascertained to be well qualified.” The concern is not the potential servant’s behavior but how he has lived since professing Christ. How have you lived since your conversion? All of us should be living in a way that would qualify us to serve God’s flock, whether we are eligible for ordination or not. View Resource

  • Deacons Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    Are you serving others in the church and in the world as God commands? Take some time to look at the priorities in your life and see whether you are serving others as God would have you do. Then, go to the deacons in your church, and offer your time and resources to help them provide for those in need. View Resource

  • A Problem of Sensitivity Devotional

    Acts 6

    Is it a good idea for people to be made leaders who have never served under authority? Is it a good idea for men to become elders in the church who have never served as deacons? What are some opportunities for service in your church? Diligently seek them out. View Resource