• The United and Universal Church Devotional

    Ephesians 4:4-6

    Many people want to promote visible unity at the expense of the truth. But it should be evident that if individuals cannot agree on the basics of the truth, they are not united in any meaningful sense. Unity at the expense of truth is a foundationless unity, but that does not mean the pursuit of unity—even visible unity—is in itself sinful. We should be seeking unity that does not compromise the gospel. It is what Jesus prayed for. View Resource

  • Twisting the Truth Devotional

    Acts 20:7-35

    How familiar are you with the creeds and confessions that your particular church or denomination follows? While these statements of faith are always subject to the final authority of Scripture, they were written to help believers understand what the Bible actually teaches, so it is a good thing for us to be familiar with them. Take some time this week to read part or all of the confession to which your church adheres. View Resource