• Unspoken Conditions Devotional

    Jeremiah 18:1-10

    Without question, God knew that the Ninevites were going to repent long before He sent Jonah to preach to them. In fact, because the Lord has ordained even our responses, He always knows how we are going to respond when He delivers His Word. But God moves us to make these responses by revealing His character to us and then announcing judgment or blessing. In so doing, He creates a real relationship with His people. View Resource

  • God’s Word to His Covenant People Devotional

    Romans 9:1-3

    God’s Word is delivered to all of the members of the visible covenant community. But the members of the invisible covenant community show themselves to be His elect people by taking the warnings about staying in faith seriously, repenting, and persevering in trusting God until the ends of their lives. If we do not take the words of the Lord seriously and soberly apply them to our lives, we reveal that we may be members only of the visible covenant community. View Resource

  • The Mysteries of the Gentiles Devotional

    Ephesians 3:6

    That God has made those of us who are Gentiles fellow heirs of all His covenant promises should not make us arrogant. We have done nothing to deserve this grace, and our remaining sin should always remind us how far short we fall of His glory. May we remain humble and ask the Lord to increase our humility so that we might boast only in the grace of God. May we also encourage other believers never to become prideful in their redeemed status. View Resource

  • The Apostolic and Prophetic Word Devotional

    Ephesians 3:5

    The nature of the fuller revelation under the administration of the new covenant means that we must always interpret the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. As much as possible, we read the old covenant revelation through the lens of the new covenant, and that is why the church prizes the epistles. While we are studying Ephesians together, take some time to consider how Paul understood the old covenant. View Resource

  • Dull of Hearing Devotional

    Hebrews 5:11–12

    We must never forget the basic truths of the Christian faith because, if we do so, we will not go on to maturity. The cares of this world and confidence in our own wisdom can make us neglect these basics and in doing so we will forget them. Pray that in living in this world you will not neglect your study of the Word of God. View Resource