• Providence and Evil Devotional

    James 1:13

    Those who would use the problem of evil to deny the existence of God have a problem. As many theologians and philosophers have taught, evil is a negative idea, a parasite on the good. Without a previously existing, eternal, and personal good (God), nothing could be defined as evil. As you consider the mysteries of providence and evil, remember that the Lord is far greater than we can imagine (Job 42) and will use wickedness to create a glorious future for His people View Resource

  • Providence and Freedom Devotional

    Job 1

    Man freely does what he wants, but apart from Christ he only desires sin (Rom. 6:6; Gal. 4:8). God has renewed His people, enabling them to desire what is good. Those He has passed over choose willingly, in line with their wicked natures, to oppose His rule. Still, concurrence teaches, as John Calvin comments on Genesis 37:20, that “God will always find a way through the most profound abyss, to the accomplishment of what he has decreed.” View Resource

  • Take Me Back to Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 50

    Though Joseph did not know how God would bring His people back to Canaan, he did have a lifetime of experience to testify that the Lord is always utterly faithful to His promises, even when it seems He is taking the long way around. We must likewise trust that God is with His church today (despite its lackluster faithfulness), moving us toward the day when we will see the full realization of all the good He has sworn to do. View Resource