• Saved to Testify Devotional

    Psalm 119:41–48

    When we are in a right relationship with the Lord, we see His law as a law of freedom. Having been freed from the burden of having to keep the law perfectly for our justification—for Christ has done that in our place—we are able to rejoice in the law as it establishes boundaries that help keep us safe from sin. We find freedom in being able to identify by the law what is truly sin and no longer feel false guilt when we do something that we once wrongly thought that God forbids. View Resource

  • The Power and Desire to Obey Devotional

    Psalm 119:25–32

    John Calvin comments, “This passage tells us, when God has once enlarged our hearts, there will be no lack of power, because, along with proper affection, he will furnish ability, so that our feet will be ready to run.” We cannot serve the Lord through simple resolve; rather, He must empower us by His Spirit and strengthen our desire to keep His commandments. reading God’s Word is not enough. We must also ask Him to enable us to obey it. View Resource

  • Stop Stealing Devotional

    Exodus 20:15

    Our primary motivation to give to the Lord’s work should not be to get something in return. Nor does God promise a specific one-to-one correlation between our tithing and the blessings He will give. Nevertheless, our Creator graciously pledges to bless us tremendously when we faithfully support His work. Let us purpose anew to fulfill our responsibility and give to those churches and institutions that are carrying out the Lord’s mission on earth. View Resource

  • Love Your Spouse Devotional

    Exodus 20:14

    God’s prohibition of adultery shows His wisdom and mercy. To cheat on one’s spouse is perhaps the greatest act of betrayal possible in human-human relationships, and it is so damaging that the Lord allows the offended spouse to get a divorce in the case of adultery (Matt. 19:1-12). We must do what we can to keep ourselves from falling into adultery. May we avoid situations that make adultery more likely and, by the Holy Spirit, may we love our spouses all our days. View Resource

  • Fulfilling the Law Devotional

    Romans 13:10

    Augustine of Hippo writes, “The rule of love is that one should wish his friend to have all the good things he wants to have himself and should not wish the evils to befall his friend which he wishes to avoid himself.” Doing no wrong to neighbor is more than just refraining from harm; it consists in working for the good of others, in doing for them that which we would want them to do for us (Matt. 7:12). Only God’s Spirit can generate such love in us. View Resource

  • The Sum of God’s Commandments Devotional

    Romans 13:8–9

    As disciples of Christ, we must define love by what the Lord has revealed and not by what happens to feel right to us at the moment. Our hearts can deceive us, but God’s Word teaches us only the truth. As we consider our love for others, a desire to act in conformity to the commands of the Lord will show us that what we are experiencing is the godly kind of love that the Lord demands. Is such love evident in your heart? View Resource