• The Apostolic Church Devotional

    Ephesians 2:19-20

    Because God Himself is truth (John 15:26), He prizes the truth of the gospel. The primary defining mark of a true church is that it is faithful to Apostolic doctrine. If we do not prize the Apostolic and prophetic teaching of the Old and New Testaments, our churches will cease to be Apostolic. Let us guard the faith once delivered to the saints and ordain only those men who will do the same. View Resource

  • The Expansion of the Church Devotional

    Acts 2:47b

    The fact that even the Apostles faced heresy in the church cautions us against viewing any past era of church history as a “golden age.” There have been high points to be sure, but Christians are not exempt from sin, and this sin means that the church is never perfect in any generation. Until Jesus returns, we will deal with problems in the church, but that does not mean we should not try to solve them. By His Word and Spirit, God has brought correction to His people over time. View Resource

  • Greeting One Another Devotional

    Romans 16:16

    The differences that separate professing Christian denominations are significant—many of them even touching the heart of the gospel—so we should never minimize them. Yet we should not so separate from others who affirm the true gospel that we believe Jesus cannot be at work in other churches or denominations. Christ is building His church, and He is doing it through many different ecclesiastical bodies. View Resource

  • The Holy Church Devotional

    Ephesians 5:25-27

    We should find it greatly comforting that God regards all those who trust in Christ alone as holy. No matter how slowly our sanctification—our growth in holiness—seems to be progressing, we know that the Lord is keeping His promise by His Spirit to conform us to Christ. When we sin, let us remember this great truth as we repent and mortify the flesh, and let us press on in our efforts to please Him with all that we are. View Resource

  • Paul’s Fellow Prisoners Devotional

    Romans 16:5b-7

    Sometimes we are tempted to believe that we cannot have a significant ministry or influence if we are not ordained to church leadership. Yet that is to look at the kingdom of God in a worldly manner, for while the Lord has established offices of leadership in the church, important ministry work is reserved for laypeople as well. Let us strive to serve God and His people wherever we are, even if we are not called to an ordained office. View Resource