• Satan Crushed Under Our Feet Devotional

    Romans 16:20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that this promise refers not only to the last day when the final victory over Satan will be consummated, but also to the present era. God often defeats our enemies on this side of glory, and for that we should be grateful. As we work for peace and purity in Christ’s church, let us not neglect to be in continual prayer for success, and may we seek always for the name of God to be magnified. View Resource

  • Stature in Christ Devotional

    Romans 16:8–11

    John Calvin also notes that the absence of titles in Romans 16 reveals that many Roman Christians were not a part of the upper class. God invites those whom the world would regard as the unlikeliest of people into His kingdom, and what He prizes is the humble, repentant, and faithful heart, not intellect, socioeconomic position, political power, or any other such thing. These things are not to be despised, but they give no one an advantage in the Lord’s kingdom. View Resource

  • In the Fullness of Christ’s Blessing Devotional

    Romans 15:28–29

    In our ministry to one another, we should eagerly desire the fullness of the blessing of Christ. We should long to see Him work through us and to receive His refreshment through the work of others. As we pray to that end and seek to work according to biblical principles, we will see this blessing. May we be in constant prayer for the fullness of the blessing of Christ, and may we endeavor to be faithful to Him in all things. View Resource

  • Lord of the Dead and the Living Devotional

    Romans 14:9

    That the Son of God is also our Creator should be enough to convince us that the Lord alone has the right to judge us. But God goes a step further, making it clear that we belong to Him because the Son ransomed us from sin and Satan. Since Jesus is our Master, we must accept those whom He accepts, and Romans 14 tells us quite plainly that the Lord has received into His presence those who are mature and strong in the faith as well as those who are immature and weak in the faith. View Resource