• Free Consent Devotional

    Philemon 14

    Today’s passage reminds us, as John Calvin says, that “no sacrifices are acceptable to God but those which are freely offered.” Because we still struggle with the presence of sin in our hearts and minds, we must daily be working to nurture godly motivations for our good works. Daily we should be praying that the Lord would fill us with a love for Him and our neighbors that would move us to do what is right without compulsion. View Resource

  • Honorable Conduct Devotional

    1 Peter 2:11–12

    What is your conduct like among non-believers? Are you a faithful witness of the God of Scripture to your neighbors or to your fellow employees? Or do you behave dishonorably before the world? Spend some time in prayer today, asking God to help you to be obedient to the call to live honorably in this pagan world. When tempted to act dishonorably, remember that you are a witness for Christ at all times. View Resource

  • The Imitation of Christ Devotional

    Ephesians 5:1

    God has given us the spiritual disciplines so that we might fulfill the call to imitate His holiness and righteousness. Therefore we must endeavor to study His Word, pray, fellowship, and evangelize, always remembering that if we do such things without having our character conformed to Christ, then we have not done them rightly. As you study Scripture with us this year, pray that God would use your study to conform you to His image. View Resource

  • Deadly Poison Devotional

    James 3:1-12

    On Pentecost, God gave His own tongues of fire to set the world aflame as a holy sacrifice to Him. When James criticizes our tongues as evil fires, he implies that we have made ourselves gods. Take a careful look at how you use your tongue today and this week, and evaluate yourself. Is it your own fire or God’s that you are spreading? View Resource