• Love Finds a Way Devotional

    Romans 5:9

    Currently, we enjoy many blessings that come from being found righteous in Christ, but on the last day we will experience them to their fullest. There is a salvation to come—we will pass through God’s judgment unscathed on the final day and be rewarded with the resurrection of our bodies. We will be rescued from all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual infirmities that currently plague us, and we will enjoy the Lord forevermore. View Resource

  • God’s Display of His Love Devotional

    Romans 5:6–8

    It is not merely that the perfect God-man died for imperfect people, though such is true as far as it goes. Instead, the perfect God-man died for those who hated His perfection, for those who were openly hostile to Him and refused to seek His perfect glory (Rom. 3:9–18). If it is so hard for us as sinners to love our enemies, what kind of love must God have to love His enemies in such a way? Full adoration is the only appropriate response to a God of such love. View Resource

  • Our Christian Hope Devotional

    Romans 5:3–5

    That God pours His love for us into our hearts helps us to be confident that those who receive such an outpouring will endure to the end in faith. If the Lord Himself convinces us of His own love for us, and He must do so since His love is an omnipotent and everlasting love, how can we not persevere until the end? As we grow in our knowledge of God’s love for us His people, we are encouraged to love Him more in return, and by this we know that we will see Him in glory. View Resource

  • The Assurance of Faith Devotional

    Romans 4:16b–17

    Dr. R.C. Sproul has often noted that it is not enough merely to believe in God. We must also believe God, which means that we believe not only that He exists and can do what He says but that He will do what He says. This is the kind of faith that pleases God. Justifying faith believes that God will do what He says and declare us righteous in Christ. It thus carries with it a degree of assurance that His promises are true and reliable. View Resource

  • Just and Justifier Devotional

    Romans 3:25–26

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary on Romans: “In the drama of justification, God remains just. He does not set aside His justice; He does not waive his righteousness; he insists upon it… . If all he did was maintain his righteousness without extending the imputation of that righteousness to us, he would not be the justifier. He is both just and justifier, which is the marvel of the gospel.” Only in biblical religion does God remain just when He forgives people. View Resource

  • The Righteousness of God Manifested Devotional

    Romans 3:21–22a

    Paul’s “but now” of Romans 3:21 describes a momentous change in history. The people who lived before Christ lived in an era characterized by unrighteousness and wrath, dwelling under the condemnation of God’s law. Now that Christ has come, we live in an era characterized by the inbreaking of the Lord’s eternal kingdom of peace and righteousness, which will be consummated at Jesus’ return. This puts us in a better position than any old covenant saint enjoyed in that era. View Resource

  • Is God Unrighteous? Devotional

    Romans 3:5–7

    At the root of all sin is the arrogant attempt of creatures to judge their Creator, to believe that we know better than He does and to go our own way or to deny what He has said about Himself. True faith believes what the Lord has revealed about Himself and seeks to please Him in all things. If we find ourselves questioning fundamental truths about God—such as the fact that He is perfectly just—let us repent immediately for such blasphemous thinking. View Resource

  • The Faithfulness of God Devotional

    Romans 3:3–4

    The notion that the Lord must judge sin in order to be faithful is developed in more detail at the end of Romans 3. Paul cites Psalm 51 in today’s passage because in this prayer of confession, David points out that God shows His faithfulness by turning against sin. In Christ, we are rescued from this judgment, but understanding the gospel starts with knowing that our holy God cannot be faithful to His Word without finding a way to judge our sin. Proclaiming His wrath is part of the gospel. View Resource

  • God’s Impartiality Devotional

    Romans 2:11

    Only those who patiently do good in hope of immortality will enter into eternal life (Rom. 2:6–7). Yet no one even wants to do this apart from divine grace, as Paul explains in the next few chapters of Romans. Only those who have been declared just before God can in any sense do the good Paul mentions in Romans 2:1–11, but even then we obey imperfectly and never fully meet His just demands. He graciously forgives us, however, as we repent and keeps us on the narrow way to heaven. View Resource

  • Presuming upon God’s Kindness Devotional

    Romans 2:3–5

    Martin Luther comments on today’s passage that “so great is the blindness of the sinner that he abuses to his own harm the things that have been given to him for his own benefit.” Though Paul has the Jews in mind primarily in Romans 2:3–5, we are all, without a doubt, inclined to misinterpret divine patience as laxity in regard to sin. We must not think that God will give us forever to trust in His promises. There comes a day for us all when we will meet our Maker. Are you ready? View Resource

  • The Revelation of God’s Wrath Devotional

    Romans 1:18

    John Murray was one of the most influential Reformed theologians of the twentieth century. In his commentary on Romans, Murray says in his exposition of 1:18 that “wrath is the holy revulsion of God’s being against that which is the contradiction of his holiness.” When sin comes near our holy God, the inevitable consequence is the outpouring of His holy and perfect wrath. Unless we know God’s holiness, we will not know the gravity of our sin or the majesty of His character. View Resource

  • The Righteousness of God Devotional

    2 Corinthians 5:21

    Even many professing Christians believe that they become citizens of heaven because they have lived a “good life.” The gospel tells us that no one but Christ has lived a life that is truly good. He alone deserves the kingdom of God, but our Father graciously allows us to share in Christ’s citizenship if we come to Him only through Christ, which means not by other teachers or even by our good works. If we trust in anything in addition to Jesus, we cannot be citizens of His kingdom. View Resource

  • God’s Righteousness Revealed Devotional

    Romans 1:17a

    The gift character of righteousness is underscored in Paul’s statement that “the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith.” Our position before the Lord is by faith alone from first to last, and nothing we do can merit a right standing before Him. As Luther also comments on today’s verse, “This happens through faith in the Gospel.” By trusting only in what God has done, we are reconciled to Him for all eternity. View Resource

  • The King Comes on a Donkey Devotional

    Zechariah 9:9-17

    Note again that God’s covenant of salvation is unconditional in the sense that the Lord Himself guarantees that He will enact it—He will certainly save a people for Himself. That does not mean, however, that this covenant of salvation has no conditions. The Lord will save a people, but one cannot be a part of this people apart from repentance and faith in Christ. These conditions are not met only at conversion, but we must grow in faith and repentance throughout out lives. View Resource

  • God’s Promise to Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 15

    Obviously, God cannot cease being God. Thus, there is no chance that the Lord will fail to keep His promise to Abraham. As we look at history, we see that our Creator is keeping His pledge to the patriarch. Abraham has many descendants of faith, men and women who trust in His greatest Son—the Lord Jesus Christ. Despite its imperfections, the church universal proves that God is fulfilling His promises and will keep every other one that He has made to His people. View Resource