• Becoming Part of the Bride Devotional

    Give thanks for the purchase price paid by your Bridegroom. View Resource

  • The Body of Christ Devotional

    1 Corinthians 12:12–31

    In summarizing today’s passage and the communion of saints, answer 55 of the Heidelberg Catechism says that “each member should consider it a duty to use these [spiritual] gifts … for the service and enrichment of the other members.” One clear implication of today’s passage is that we are sinning if we are not putting our gifts to use in the church. It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to determine our gifts and then use them to serve others. View Resource

  • Embracing the Truth Devotional

    Examine your own life: Are you tempted to embrace the thought patterns of the secular world in order to be modern and relevant in your thinking? Are you living an empty, discontent faith in monastic isolation? View Resource

  • Entering into Your Priesthood Devotional

    What are you doing to help those around you who are in distress? Are you keeping yourself clean from the world’s pollution, as James admonishes? View Resource

  • Finding Your Identity Devotional

    Give thanks that you are part of the body of Christ, the elect, the people of God. View Resource

  • Jesus’ Family Devotional

    Matthew 12:46–50

    Loving faith in Jesus (because He first loved us, 1 John 4:19), not our good works, gives us the right “to become children of God” (John 1:12). Faith alone will justify us in the sight of the Father. Still, the faith that justifies us is never alone; it is always followed by good works that prove our faith is real (James 2:14–26). Today, help stir up others to love and good works (Heb. 10:24) and gather others to do a needed service at your church or in the community. View Resource

  • Jesus’ True Family Devotional

    Matthew 12:46–50

    What place does the church family have in your life? Do you think it important to know your fellow believers or do you leave worship without meeting new people and talking to old friends? We will be spending eternity with other Christians; therefore, let us get to know them now. This week, go out of your way to meet somebody in your church whom you do not know very well. Consider how your love for other Christians compares to your love of your family. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Care for His Own Devotional

    Matthew 18:10–14

    God is not willing that any of His own should perish (Matt. 18:14), and so He shepherds us, using His staff to discipline us if that is what is necessary to keep us in the fold. One way in which the Lord exercises this shepherding is through the love of Christians one for another. We must all grieve when we see brothers or sisters stumble and do all that we can to rescue them. Especially if you are a church leader, do not abandon your sheep. View Resource

  • Loving One Another Devotional

    John 13:31–35

    True Christian love will unify believers, but this unity will not be a unity that denies the truth. Christian love and truth are inseparable; thus, we do need to separate from those who have abandoned the fundamental tenets of the Gospel. Unfortunately, we all too often seek any excuse beyond this to break away from other believers. All of us ought to befriend fellow believers who affirm the fundamentals of the faith even if they are not from our denomination or tradition. View Resource

  • Rejoicing with Others Devotional

    Romans 12:15

    Many have used JOY as an acrostic to define our priorities. J is for Jesus, who comes first, then others (O), and finally, yourself (Y). If we put ourselves first, we will become selfish people, isolated and with little reason to rejoice. But if we put Jesus first and imitate Him in looking after the needs of others, we will find ourselves experiencing selfless joy more regularly. Take joy today in another’s success, even if you were unable to attain the goal he achieved. View Resource

  • Servants of the Lord Devotional

    Philippians 1:1

    That we are all servants of the same Lord and master forbids us from ever thinking that certain people or deeds are beneath us. It also means that whatever we do, we must do it unto the Lord with our very best. Consider today what it means to serve the Lord in your life. Have you ceased to see your job as a vocation given to you by God? Do you esteem yourself above others? Strive always to serve the Lord in humility and with a true love for other believers. View Resource

  • A Somber Warning Devotional

    Matthew 18:5–6

    One commentator says that leading others into sin can be done in ways that do not involve false teaching. Failure to provide adequate pastoral care, for example, can make us unable to see trouble in the lives of others, leading us to overlook the need to rescue a sheep in danger of going astray. To one degree or another, Jesus has made each believer accountable to every other believer. We honor the Lord who bought us when we care for one another. View Resource

  • United to Christ and His Body Devotional

    1 Corinthians 6:17

    In the comments Calvin made on today’s passage, the great Reformer noted the importance of maintaining our union with Christ with “the utmost chastity and fidelity.” We must not cheat on our husband, the Lord Jesus Christ, by following after other gods or engaging in impenitent sin. In so doing, we strain our union with Him and, thus, our union with other believers. Let us never do anything to impair the communion we have with Christ and others. View Resource