• No Room for Boasting Devotional

    Romans 3:27–28

    In his commentary on Romans, Douglas J. Moo writes, “God’s wrath is the inevitable and necessary reaction of absolute holiness to sin.” The Lord must judge sinners, and we cannot endure this judgment, but Christ bears it in our place if we trust in Him alone. There is no room in any of this for our good works to secure our place in heaven, and we must be clear on this. Sinners can only be justified on the principle of faith, and we cannot boast in anything we have done. View Resource

  • Proper Boasting Devotional

    James 1:9–11

    Without faith, we could never boast in our position in Christ. Rather, we would find other things, economic or not, in which to boast. Poverty and wealth are both trials that the Lord may send our way (James 1:2), trials that we must view properly from the perspective of faith. Whatever your economic situation, go before the Lord today, and ask Him where your boasting lies. Then, begin to allot your resources in a manner that reflects your boast in His kingdom. View Resource