• Sovereign Over Our Speech Devotional

    Proverbs 16:1

    Matthew Henry comments: “Man cannot go on with his business without the assistance and blessing of God, who made man’s mouth and teaches us what we shall say. Nay, God easily can, and often does, cross men’s purposes, and break their measures. It was a curse that was prepared in Balaam’s heart, but the answer of the tongue was a blessing.” It is comforting—and humbling—to know that we can accomplish only what God has ordained. View Resource

  • In the Fullness of Christ’s Blessing Devotional

    Romans 15:28-29

    In our ministry to one another, we should eagerly desire the fullness of the blessing of Christ. We should long to see Him work through us and to receive His refreshment through the work of others. As we pray to that end and seek to work according to biblical principles, we will see this blessing. May we be in constant prayer for the fullness of the blessing of Christ, and may we endeavor to be faithful to Him in all things. View Resource

  • Foolish Priorities Devotional

    Haggai 1:2-11

    The Bible warns us not to make a one-to-one correlation between God’s favor and our success. However, that does not mean that we should not be alert to disobedience being a potential reason for why we might find ourselves in trouble. Failure is an opportunity to reflect on faithfulness. When we are struggling, we must not automatically assume that it is because the Lord is displeased with us, but neither must we immediately discount it as a possibility. View Resource

  • David’s Fallen Booth Restored Devotional

    Amos 9:11–15

    All the aforementioned blessings were originally promised to Israel for obedience to God’s law (Deut. 28:1–14). That they would enjoy these blessings in the restoration points to a day when the people would obey the Lord fully. Ultimately, Amos foresaw a time when God would write His law on the hearts of His people, the same blessing the other prophets reveal more explicitly (Jer. 31:31–34). God has begun this work in His new covenant people, and we long for the day when it will be consummated. View Resource

  • Covenant Blessings Devotional

    Leviticus 26:1-13

    The book of Job and other portions of Scripture warn us about making a strict one-to-one correlation between the blessings or trials we receive and our obedience to God. Nevertheless, we can expect the Lord to show His favor to us when we keep His covenant and seek to obey His Word. We do this not to earn our redemption but to thank Him for saving us from our sin. Are you striving to obey the Lord and receive His blessing? View Resource

  • The Abundance of Blessing in Christ Devotional

    Ephesians 1:3

    Between the birth and the return of Jesus, the age to come overlaps with the present age. To be blessed in Christ is to enjoy a foretaste of future blessings — intimacy with God, true life, and even, at times, many physical benefits. We should expect the Father to bless us, for we are His children, though He may give us blessings that we do not expect or request. But as in all things, He knows best what to give us. View Resource

  • Before the Face of God Devotional

    Psalm 24

    We can do nothing to merit eternal life, but it does not follow that we can do nothing to experience more of God’s favor once we have been ingrafted into the body of Christ through faith alone. Obedience to the Lord’s covenant stipulations can keep us from the harsher forms of His discipline and grant us many blessings that we might not otherwise enjoy when we are disobedient (Heb. 12). Therefore, we must seek to follow Him in all things. View Resource

  • The Face of Blessing Devotional

    Numbers 6:22-27

    It is impossible for us to be good enough to earn God’s pleasure; that is why faithfulness to His covenant means giving up our attempts to earn His favor and relying on Christ alone for salvation (Gal. 3:15–29). If we are truly in Christ, we will enjoy this divine face of approval forever. Though we may feel His discipline and it might seem as if He has turned from us, He only chastises us to keep us from falling away and never returning. View Resource

  • From Cursed to Blessed Devotional

    Nehemiah 13:1-3

    God often waits to intervene and rescue us when things seem to be their darkest, so we should never despair that our circumstances are too far gone for Him to respond. Still, there are times when the Lord does not seem to intervene, and so we must trust that He has good purposes for us even when we suffer. In eternity we shall see how He has worked in and through our curses to bring us blessing (Rom. 8:28). View Resource

  • Persecution and Reward Devotional

    Matthew 5:10–12

    Matthew Henry writes: “There is no evil so black and horrid, which, at one time or other, has not been said falsely against Christ’s disciples and followers.” Rejoice and be glad if you are being slandered for obeying Jesus, for great is your reward (Matt. 5:12). This passage also warns us against repeating things if we are uncertain of their truth. If God blesses those who tell lies about His children, will He not curse those who say them? View Resource

  • Righteousness and Mercy Devotional

    Matthew 5:6–7

    Our passion for righteousness and mercy is one way we can measure our fervor for the Lord. There are innumerable ways we can pursue both of these actions. Thus, we are unable to complain to God that there have been no opportunities today or any other day to follow Christ and show mercy. Find one way you can show mercy today, perhaps by extending forgiveness to someone who has wronged you or by giving time or resources to the poor. View Resource

  • Joseph, a Fruitful Bough Devotional

    Genesis 49:22–26

    Our Savior said that “the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matt. 24:13). Confessing Christ once is not enough, our profession of faith is useless if we do not possess a living faith in God and His promises (James 2:14–26). We must rely daily on the hand that sustained Joseph and heed the warnings of Scripture so that we will persevere. What evidence is there in your life that you trust in the Lord alone for every good thing? View Resource

  • Blessing or Curse? Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14

    The fullness of God’s curse is permanent exile from seeing the Lord face-to-face in the new heavens and earth. Consequently, the greatest blessing is to behold His glory for all eternity. We who were once under the curse of sin and death have been redeemed by the One who willingly subjected Himself to God’s curse for our sake. Consider the grace of our Father and praise Him for His mercy on the cross. Ask Him to keep you mindful of your coming blessing. View Resource

  • Yielding Its Fruit Devotional

    Revelation 21:1-22:5

    The final destiny God has ordained for all of those in Christ Jesus is not an intangible, spiritual existence, but a resurrected, glorified life in a renewed creation. The earth will not be thrown away but will be restored. As believers, we are required to help make this a reality by the power of the Holy Spirit through obedience to the Great Commission. Thank the Lord that you will reign with Him in the new earth and do what you can to take care of His world even now. View Resource

  • Every Good Gift Devotional

    James 1:16–18

    Though it is hard for us to understand, the Bible is clear that even in evil God is working out good things for His people. In the midst of the most terrible circumstances, God prepares good gifts for us, some of which we will receive in this life and some that we will not see until heaven. Take some time to look at your life, and try to discern God’s goodness in your troubles. Thank Him for His grace and for all the good gifts that He has given to you. View Resource