• How to Study the Bible Devotional

    2 Timothy 3:14–17

    As we have said many times before, the church is not infallible but it is wise. If we neglect the wisdom of historic, orthodox, biblical Christianity, then we will make many mistakes in interpretation and application. We must study privately and corporately, attending worship services and group Bible studies so that we may be blessed by the insights of others and become better able to help other believers understand God’s Word. View Resource

  • Willful Ignorance Devotional

    Romans 12:1-8

    The verse used for our study today, Romans 12:2, is Ligonier’s theme verse. Its truth drives our goals and objectives, shaping even the way in which these daily studies are written. Give new priority to the role your transformed mind must have in your pursuit of grace and holiness. View Resource

  • Why Study God’s Word? Devotional

    2 Timothy 2

    Our ultimate goal is to be pleasing to God in all of life. Certainly for the believer, a critical part of life is our handling and understanding of the Bible. As you begin another year of reading and study, commit yourself to the long-term goal of being found faithful to the task of presenting yourself as a workman who correctly handles the word of truth. Though a lifetime goal, it is achieved through patient daily practice. View Resource