• The Handmaiden of Theology Devotional

    Colossians 3:16

    Not every traditional hymn is good simply because it is old, and not every contemporary song is unfit for worship simply because it is new. There are bad traditional songs, and there are edifying contemporary songs. Our goal in worship should be to sing those songs that cause us to ponder the greatness of God, glorify Him for His salvation, and help us understand His Word. Let the songs we use for public worship and private devotion do all these things. View Resource

  • The Influence of Music Devotional

    Psalm 101:1

    Our God is a God of order, so it is no surprise that the music we use to praise Him would reflect some kind of structure. We are not always conscious of the ordering principles in the art that we enjoy, but part of the reason that we see something as beautiful is that it conforms to some kind of proportional structure. Because we are made in the image of the God of order, we cannot help but appreciate order in every art form. View Resource

  • The Eye of the Beholder Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 3:11a

    Although the subject is always deeply involved in any encounter with the arts, we must recognize that there is one ultimate standard of beauty—the Lord Himself. Scripture often speaks of the “beauty of the Lord” (Ps. 27:4), and we dare not forget that the most beautiful works of art are but pale reflections of the loveliness of God. In eternity to come, we will have our desire for beauty fully satisfied as we gaze on our beautiful Creator (1 Cor. 13:12; 1 John 3:1–3). View Resource

  • Art for Whose Sake? Devotional

    Exodus 28

    Whether or not you agree that images have a place in our sanctuaries and church buildings, it is important to be aware of what is being communicated by the design of your church. The walls of our places of worship tell us much about what we believe is important to God and what we should esteem as well. Let us not be oblivious to how the art, or lack thereof, communicates things to us, especially in the setting of corporate worship. View Resource

  • Art in Recent History Devotional

    Psalm 27:4

    Beauty and truth go hand in hand. Truth informs the arts so that whatever is beautiful will reflect some truth about God or His creation. The arts inform the truth, for they move us to turn the words of truth into doxological praise of our Creator. As Christians, we should be more concerned with beauty than the world around us is concerned, for we alone have a standard for beauty who is unchanging and eternal, the Lord God Almighty. View Resource

  • Discerning the Good Devotional

    Philippians 4:8–9

    Paul’s exhortation to think on what is good, excellent, and beautiful in the culture around us suggests that withdrawal into a Christian ghetto is not the way to witness to Jesus in this world. We are to live in a manner that is distinct from the world, but we are not to be separatistic in that we are allowed to enjoy only self-consciously Christian authors, musicians, artists, and so forth. If it is true and beautiful, it is worth thinking on, no matter its source. View Resource

  • Lasting Beauty Devotional

    1 Peter 3:3–6

    This passage has a message for men and women. Unlike the surrounding culture, we are not to be vainly concerned with our physical attractiveness, but we are to develop the permanent inward beauty of a godly character. Take some time to consider how concerned you are with your physical appearance. Begin to model a godly character and get rid of anything that would cause you to focus vainly on your outward beauty. View Resource

  • Goodness and Faith Devotional

    2 Peter 1:1-11

    What are some practical steps you can take to increase your knowledge and appreciation of beauty expressed through great music and art? What about a class on these subjects in your church? If your church is not interested, what can you as a Christian individual do? View Resource