• What is your opinion on whether someone can disagree with infant baptism and still be Reformed? Question and Answer

    I knew we were going to get into baptism eventually. What are we talking about when it comes the word Reformed? The Reformation. What comes out of the Reformation? You’ve got the five solas and that which holds the solas together, which is the Reformation view of the sovereignty of God. This is true whether you’re reading Luther or Calvin, and you see it all the way through the Reformers. You see it in Luther’s Bondage of the Will. When it comes to the sovereignty of God, the doctrine of election, and all those “tall grass” doctrines people don’t like … View Resource

  • What is the significance of baptism? Question and Answer

    Just as an aside, the word significance has as its root the word sign. A sign is something that points to something beyond itself. We all recognize that whatever baptism signifies, Jesus obviously thought it was very important because he gives a command to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Whatever else it is, baptism is the sign of the new covenant that God makes with his people. We do have the clear mandate in the New Testament that Christians are to be baptized. I personally do not believe that baptism … View Resource