• Authority and Authorship Devotional

    2 Timothy 3:16–17Ex. 10:3 • Obad. 1–4 • Nah. 1:12 • John 17:1–8 • Acts 9:1–19

    When we speak of the authorship of Scripture, we must never forget that the individual human authors of each book did contribute a distinct style and emphasis to our understanding of God. However, we must always remember that though each brought a unique contribution to the canon, God inspired each of them so that they wrote His words accurately. As you study the Bible, ask God to remind you that the words you read are indeed His words. View Resource

  • Peter, Servant of Jesus Devotional

    2 Peter 1:1–2

    It is a good thing to be wary of doctrinal error. However, sometimes we mistake a concern for doctrinal purity with a desire to promote our own opinions regarding negotiable matters. As we prepare to study 2 Peter, pray that God would help you discern between the Gospel for which we must be willing to die and the things about which orthodox Christians may charitably disagree. If you have been contentious over minor matters, make amends with those you have offended. View Resource

  • Peter, Apostle of Christ Devotional

    1 Peter 1:1–2

    Harsh persecution for bearing the name of Christ is a reality in much of the world. Even in the West, Christians face discrimination and slander for confessing the name of Jesus. Think through some of the past or current persecution or discrimination that you have experienced for being a Christian. Ask the Lord to bless your study of 1 Peter so that you would know how to hold fast to your hope in the midst of an unbelieving and hostile world. View Resource