• The Spirit’s Internal Witness Devotional

    Romans 8:16-17

    More than once we have referred to the reality of the “already/not yet” situation in which Christians find themselves. Already we are children of God and heirs, but our possession of the full inheritance is not yet. Our present possession of the Spirit, however, is the guarantee that the inheritance is coming (Eph. 1:13-14). Today, take some time to reflect on the tremendous privilege of being a child of the Lord, and thank Him for the inheritance that is surely ours in Christ. View Resource

  • Setting One’s Mind on the Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:4-6

    Even though the Spirit of God provides us with real power to obey God now, that power does not perfect us in this life. John Calvin comments on Romans 8:1-2: “Wherever the real fear of God is vigorous, it takes away from the flesh its sovereignty, though it does not abolish all its corruptions.” We should have a legalistic expectation of how far we will progress in the Spirit, but not a defeatist attitude. By faith and through the Spirit, we will grow in conformity to Christ. View Resource

  • Securing our Faith Devotional

    Matthew 1:18–21

    The Old Testament also points to limited atonement or particular redemption. Israel’s high priest offered atonement only for the people of Israel, not for Israel and those who remained outside the covenant community. From first to last, the Bible teaches that God’s work alone saves His people and that He always accomplishes the salvation of those whom He wants to save. This is a great comfort, for it means He cannot fail to complete the good work He has begun in us (Phil. 1:6). View Resource

  • Justification by Faith Alone Devotional

    John 8:46

    Because we are sinners, we can do nothing in and of ourselves to merit eternal life. Even after we are saved, our best works remain tainted by sin and cannot produce the perfection we need for a righteous standing before God. Jesus’ active obedience to the Father, however, is put on our account when we trust in Christ, giving us confidence before Him. As Dr. R.C. Sproul has said: “No work of ours is good enough for evil to atone. Your merit, Lord, is all we have; it saves and it alone.” View Resource

  • Christ Our Ransom Devotional

    Mark 10:35–45

    Jesus ransoms us from the wrath of God, which means that we never need fear His condemnation if we trust in Christ alone for our salvation. In ransoming us from God’s wrath, our Savior also rescues us from bondage to sin and Satan. That means that we are no longer compelled to sin but may please the Lord through our love of God and neighbor. As Christians, let us live out the reality that we are in Christ, daily turning from sin and walking in His ways by the power of the Spirit. View Resource

  • The Drama of Redemption Devotional

    Psalm 85:10

    Today’s passage contains the beautiful imagery of justice and peace (or mercy, as other translations put it) kissing each other. Our Father graciously restores peace between Himself and us in Christ Jesus. This peace is permanent, for it is not based on ignoring our sins and faults but on God’s sure willingness to accept the perfect payment of Jesus in our behalf. And since the Lord has accepted this payment, this peace must be eternal, for otherwise He would have let His Son die in vain. View Resource

  • The Need for Atonement Devotional

    1 Corinthians 2:1–5

    In other religions, such as Islam and Judaism, God simply waves sin away, not requiring payment for transgressions in order to forgive. This idea betrays a view of a Creator who is not really all that holy, who ultimately is willing to wink at sin or to accept imperfection before His judgment seat. Yet the Bible has the highest view of the Lord’s holiness. It teaches us that He is perfectly holy and demands from us what only He can graciously provide. View Resource

  • Once for All Devotional

    Hebrews 9:23–28

    If Christ’s sacrifice of Himself was insufficient to save us and must be offered again and again, then we have no hope of salvation. A sacrifice that has to be repeated is a weak and ineffectual sacrifice that cannot atone for sin or break its power in our lives. Thanks be to God, our Lord’s atonement was a once-for-all atonement. It is powerful and effectual to save, and if we trust in Christ alone, our sins are fully and finally covered for all eternity. View Resource

  • Freedom Through Christ’s Blood Devotional

    Revelation 1:5b

    Baptism reminds us who believe that we are washed clean of our sin on account of the blood of Christ. His death atoned for our guilt, enabling God to forgive us without compromising His justice. When we see the water of baptism, we should be reminded of the great sacrifice of Jesus, who poured out His blood— His very life—for the sake of His people. May we never consider this truth lightly but rejoice in what the Lord has done for us. View Resource

  • Justice Satisfied in Another Devotional

    Romans 8:3–4

    The hymn “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness” reminds us that for every believer in Jesus, His blood “a full atonement made.” We can trust the Lord because He is just and always fulfills His promises, even His promise to punish sinners with the fullness of His wrath, and we know He fulfills His promises because in Jesus He poured out His full wrath on the sin of His people. Truly, He is a great, trustworthy God who is worthy of our love and loyalty. View Resource

  • The Preaching of Peace Devotional

    Ephesians 2:17

    Peace between God and humanity is not a given. It took the sacrifice of God the Son to achieve it, and it requires personal faith in the Son of God for us to enjoy it. Are you at peace with God? If you believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you can be assured that God is at peace with you. If you are not a Christian, you must repent and believe today if you want to find peace with our most holy Creator. View Resource

  • No Longer Far Off Devotional

    Ephesians 2:13

    The longer we are Christians, the easier it can be to forget the greatness of our salvation and the incalculable price that our Father paid to adopt us as His children. Yet we must never allow ourselves to consider the blood of Christ lightly, for it was the death of the perfectly righteous God-man that brought us near to God. Let us take a few moments this day to consider the grace and mercy of the Lord shown in the atonement of Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Passover Devotional

    Exodus 12:1–32

    Though not himself a Christian, Lord Alfred Tennyson captures the pervasiveness of sin in his poem “The Holy Grail”: “In me lived a sin / So strange, of such a kind, that all of pure, / Noble and knightly in me twined and clung / Round that one sin, until the wholesome flower / And poisonous grew together, each as each, not to be plucked asunder.” As the redeemed of Christ, let us strive to confess and thus pull out our sins by the root. View Resource

  • Bearing Our Iniquity Devotional

    Isaiah 52:13–53:12

    Though the costs we incur to forgive are real, they by no means approach the high price Jesus had to pay to extend His grace to us. We should therefore forgive others willingly, refusing to hold the full cost of their sins over their heads (whether or not they ask for our pardon). When we withhold forgiveness, we fail to imitate our Creator, who suffered the death of His Son, which Son died for us while we were yet sinners (Rom. 5:6–8). View Resource

  • The True Love of God Devotional

    1 John 4:10–12

    Dr. Joel Beeke writes in his Epistles of John that “the great motivation for practical, Christlike living is the doctrine of the cross; hence, every failure to love can be traced back to a failure to understand the cross. When the cross of Christ grips us, everything in our world changes” (p. 161). True love is costly and does good to others even when there is a risk of being hurt. Where can you sacrifice in order to show real love today? View Resource