• Contend for the Faith Devotional

    Jude 3

    Take some time today to read through the epistle of Jude once more and at least one of the other General Epistles we have studied this past year. Ask the Lord to help you recall His apostles’ teaching as you go about your daily business, and pray you will not fall prey to false doctrine. Ask Him to help you love other believers more deeply and to motivate you to give generously of your time, effort, and resources for the propagation of the true Gospel. View Resource

  • Final Greetings for Philemon Devotional

    Philemon 23-25

    We who profess the name of Christ must follow Him even when He gives rules we do not like. People who are tempted to commit homosexual acts may not like the call to turn from these deeds, but if they are to follow Jesus, turn from them they must. We may prefer to gossip, commit adultery, lie, cheat, or steal, but turn from these acts we must if we want to be the Lord’s disciples. God’s Word is our standard, not our likes and dislikes. View Resource

  • Once For All Delivered Devotional

    Jude 3–4

    The faith that was once for all delivered to the saints is assaulted in a variety of ways in our day. Some overtly deny Gospel truth. Some add new revelations from the “spirit” or church tradition to the apostolic testimony. Some ignore their responsibility to become well-grounded in doctrine. Take some time to consider how you must contend for the faith where you live. Pray God would help you learn to stand for the faith established in His word. View Resource

  • Providence and Evil Devotional

    James 1:13

    We see God’s ordination of wickedness for a good end most clearly in the crucifixion. God used the evil plans of Christ’s enemies to fulfill His good plan for His people (Acts 2:23). An evil act is still an evil act even when the Lord ordains it, but He does not sin when He ordains evil. We never want to pretend something is good when it is evil, but we also never want to forget that the evil we face in the present is not the last word. God will bring good out of it. View Resource

  • Resting on the Promises Devotional

    Echo the father of the epileptic boy’s cry: “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.” View Resource