• Children of God Devotional

    1 John 3:1–3

    Are you frustrated with your current progression in holiness? Do you think that you will never overcome your persistent sins? If you hope in Christ, you should not feel this way. For if you truly hope in Him you are His child and are already becoming more like Him. In prayer, ask the Lord to remind you that you are His child and as such you can resist temptation. Thank Him for restoring you when you do fall, and hope on Him today so that you might live accordingly. View Resource

  • God Our Father Devotional

    Galatians 4:1-7

    In the first-century Mediterranean world, adoption meant that a father could not disown his son or treat him any less than his natural-born son. By analogy, this great truth applies to God and His children—all those who trust in Christ alone are the beneficiaries of an abundant inheritance that cannot be lost (Deut. 21:15–17; Gal. 3:29). It is comforting indeed to know that we are God’s children in Christ and that He will never reject those who hope in Him. View Resource

  • The Privileges of Israel Devotional

    Romans 9:4-5

    Throughout the rest of Romans 9-11, Paul will explain that Israel has not been rejected but enlarged so that God’s chosen nation now includes everyone who believes in Christ, Jew and Gentile alike. Thus, if we have faith in Jesus, the blessings of adoption, glory, covenants, the law, worship, promises, patriarchs, and Christ are all ours as well. Let us live in gratitude for these gifts and never fail to appreciate how much the Lord has given us. View Resource

  • Rahab’s Adoption Devotional

    Joshua 6:22-25

    First John 3:16–18 makes it very clear that we acquire many brothers and sisters when we become children of God, many of whom will count on us to help take care of them when they are in need. It is imperative, then, that we support the mercy ministries of the local church, contributing time, money, and goods as we are able. In doing this, we show tangible love for the new family we have in Christ. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Adoption Devotional

    Roman 8:14-15

    The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of adoption, which is a great comfort to us particularly as we fight sin. Outside of Christ, we are in a state of fear. Despite our best efforts to suppress the truth, every sin provokes terror, for we know our end is hell. Once we are in Christ, however, we know God will never kick us out of His family. The Spirit does a sweet work of conviction in Christians. In the midst of bringing repentance for our sin, He assures us that we are still His. View Resource