• The Justice of God’s Choice Devotional

    Romans 5:15–17

    We must take our standards for justice from what God says and not from our own arbitrary opinions. If God says something is just, it is just. Of course, the Lord is not arbitrary about this. Justice is grounded in His own eternal, unchanging character. But we only know this character by what He tells us. Believing God means taking Him at His Word, and our identification of what is good, holy, and just must match what He says is good, holy, and just. View Resource

  • Counting Sin in Adam Devotional

    Romans 5:13-14

    Imputation of sin reveals the principle of federalism, which we will discuss more over the next few days. Today we note that we do not come into the world in a state of moral neutrality. We are not born innocent, but we are already deserving of death. Since the fall, the naturally-conceived-and-born sons and daughters of Adam are legally guilty of sin and subject to its consequences. If this were not so—if we were legally neutral before God—we would not need a Savior. View Resource

  • Covenant of Works, Part 2 Devotional

    Genesis 3

    Not only does God forgive us through Christ Jesus, He also works in the midst of our sin and failure to bring good out of evil. All of us can look back on times when we sinned against the Lord, and yet the Lord used our suffering and repentance to do good things for the kingdom. We never should presume upon God’s grace (Rom. 2:4), but never should we think that His grace is too small to work through even our failures (5:20). View Resource

  • Covenant of Works, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 2:15–17

    Fallen people can by no means get God to save them; He redeems according to the good pleasure of His will. Until the day we are fully and finally glorified, however, we who are in Christ are in a position similar to Adam in that we can choose good or evil. As the Holy Spirit works in our lives we will, over time, find ourselves more quick to repent and do what is good. Do you have somebody in your life who is encouraging you to pursue holiness? View Resource

  • The Tree of Life Devotional

    Genesis 2:1–16

    Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden was awful indeed, yet God’s grace was evident even in this punishment. For the Lord’s people, death is a release from the evils of this world, as eternal life in a fallen creation would also mean eternal pain. Death will be finally defeated when Christ returns, but until then even the horror of death is, paradoxically, a gracious gift to the Christian. While death is not in itself good, God does use it to free His people from further pain. View Resource

  • One God, One People Devotional

    Galatians 3:19–20

    Our unity as the people of God testifies to the unity of our Lord. To see Christians living and working together in harmony is a powerful witness that all believers possess the same Holy Spirit and share a common purpose, which the Lord may use to call out of the darkness those dissatisfied with purposeless lives. What are you doing in your local congregation to promote unity? Can your pastor count on you not to be a divisive force in the church body? View Resource

  • The Promise Confirmed Devotional

    Genesis 35:9–12

    Secular psychology has rightly caused many believers to be wary of the emphasis on “self-esteem” found in many areas of life today. However, while secular attempts to improve one’s self-image are questionable at best, there is in Scripture a high dignity given to mankind, especially those who trust in Christ. In Jesus, we can fulfill our original mandate to rule wisely over the earth in righteousness. What can give us greater feeling of self-worth than that? View Resource

  • God Clothed Them Devotional

    Genesis 3:20-21

    In the covenant of grace God mercifully reckons perfect obedience to our account when we trust in Jesus, who alone obeyed the Father perfectly. However, though our own works play no role in our justification, we have foolishly imagined that we have true faith if we do not obey God with our entire lives (James 2:14–26). Consider how you have habitually disobeyed God in certain ways and resolve to obey Him in faith today. View Resource

  • Covenant of Works II Devotional

    Genesis 3

    It is in the midst of the curse from Adam’s failure to keep the covenant of works that we first see the covenant of grace announced. God promised to crush the head of the serpent (Gen. 3:14–15) even though His image has fallen. Remember that even in the midst of His cursing, God gives grace to His creation. View Resource