• Paul the Preacher Devotional

    2 Corinthians 11:22–12:10

    Paul’s life, so extraordinary in so many ways, should define the ordinary life of the Christian in one sense: radical obedience. Jesus calls us to count the cost before enlisting and, having made a decision for Him, never to look back. What part of your life before Christ do you sometimes want to return to? Repent of this “looking back.” View Resource

  • Paul the Pharisee Devotional

    Galatians 1:11–14

    Paul’s conversion is as miraculous as any in Scripture or throughout Christian history. Yours may not have been nearly as dramatic, but it represented just as radical a change of direction for you. Take time to reflect on the direction of your life before and after your conversion. Be prepared to tell others what Christ did for you. View Resource

  • The Conversion of Saul Devotional

    Acts 9:1–9

    God stopped Saul in his tracks and can do so with any who oppose Him. But He sometimes allows persecution to buffet His church. Do you believe God can bring good out of hard times for His people? If not, take time to study God’s providence. Ask your pastor or church librarian to recommend further reading on this subject. View Resource

  • Coming Home Devotional

    Acts 8:36-40

    Philip told the Ethiopian that he could be baptized if he believed with all his heart. Belief is more than intellectual assent; our hearts must be set aflame by the things our minds grasp. As you call unbelievers to faith, make sure they are professing belief in more than the mere facts about Christ. Call them to trust and commitment to Him. View Resource

  • Lust for Power Devotional

    Acts 8:18–25

    Simon wanted spiritual powers for his own exaltation. We are told to “earnestly desire the best [spiritual] gifts” (1 Cor. 12:31), but only for the edification of the church. Furthermore, any gift the Holy Spirit gives us must be used in love. Praise God for the gifts He has given you—and others. Ask Him to help you use them properly. View Resource

  • Full Participants in Grace Devotional

    Acts 8:14-17

    We have to admit God chooses some odd people to be His sons and daughters. The Bible says “not many wise … not many mighty, not many noble are called.” Remember that this applies to you, too. Pray to God to remove any arrogance from your heart. Seek to get to know and love even “the least of these” among your church family. View Resource

  • Two Men, Two Kingdoms Devotional

    Acts 8:9-13

    As we look around the cultural landscape today, we see a wide variety of spiritual practices that do not please God. Satan uses these practices to blind people to the truth and hold them in darkness. We must confront these practices, in prayer and word. Seek to enlighten your friends to ungodly practices in their lives. Speak out boldly. View Resource

  • Joy in Samaria Devotional

    Acts 8:5–8

    It has been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week. This should not be, for Christ is building His church from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Ask your church leaders what you can do to take the Gospel to any unreached people in your area. And ask God to help you overcome any prejudices you might have. View Resource

  • Paul at Ephesus Devotional

    Acts 19:1–10

    With the destruction of the temple, the outward features of the old covenant came to an end. We no longer take Nazirite vows and we no longer expect either defilement or blessing to be transmitted through clothes. The “clothes” of Jesus are His people gathered around Him. How are you transmitting His blessings to others? View Resource

  • Opposition at Thessalonica Devotional

    Acts 17:1-15

    The Jews opposed the early Christians for the same reason that Rome opposed the Reformers, and compromised liberals oppose uncompromising evangelicals today. The greatest enemies of the true church are always found within the church. Pray for strength in the face of all enemies of the Gospel. View Resource

  • Paul’s Ministry at Philippi Devotional

    Acts 16:11-40

    Paul never asked the civil magistrate to sponsor the Gospel. Following Jesus’ advice, the disciples avoided conflict with the “powers that be.” When calling on the magistrate was pointedly useful to the Gospel, however, the apostles did so. Here Paul scared the rulers into respecting the church. How does this fit today’s situation? View Resource

  • The Ecumenical Council Devotional

    Acts 15:1–35

    The church is not immune to the temptation to elevate “custom” to the level of law. Fueling that temptation is the desire to see those who are different become like us. Examine the standard with which you judge people. Does it focus on conformity to custom, to others, or to the very Word of God? View Resource

  • Hermes and Zeus Devotional

    Acts 14:8–28

    Just as outwardly religious Jews were the Gospel’s enemies in the first century, so today the great enemies of the Gospel are the carnal members of the church. Jealous, lukewarm, and liberal “Christians” are the greatest enemies of the faith. Be on guard for any who seek to devalue the authority of Scripture or the message of Christ crucified. View Resource

  • The Transfer of the Kingdom Devotional

    Acts 13–14:7

    Just as the first missionaries took the ministry of the Good News to their own first, in some sense we also have home ministry obligations to the family of God which should take precedence over those outside the covenant community. This weekend consider how this may apply in your church and life. View Resource

  • Unity of the Church Devotional

    Acts 10:9–11:18

    Jesus assailed the notion that there is an oral tradition next to the written Bible, having equal authority. The Reformers took up the same fight against the oral tradition espoused by Roman Catholicism. Consider whether you or your church have constructed any such “oral traditions” which may not be supported by Scripture. View Resource