• The Abrahamic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 12:1-2

    Faith demonstrates that justification is the work of God to which we contribute nothing. Justifying faith receives and rests in the Lord’s promises through Jesus Christ and nothing else. Abraham was declared righteous because He recognized that the Lord justifies us apart from our efforts. We are justified when we recognize this, that only He can ensure the success of His covenant promises, which He has kept in Christ Jesus our Lord. View Resource

  • Assurance for Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 22:15–19

    Christians do good works. And in His marvelous grace, our Father “looking upon them in His Son, is pleased to accept and reward that which is sincere, although accompanied with many weaknesses and imperfections” (Westminster Confession of Faith, 16.6). If you are concerned to love your neighbor and obey the Lord’s commandments, then you can be confident that your work will not go unnoticed but will be rewarded in the new heavens and earth. View Resource

  • Blessed Be Abram Devotional

    Genesis 14:17–20

    Abram’s tithe to the king of Salem is illustrative of what the people of God must do for the kingdom. Today, review your finances and look at how you schedule your time. Consider giving more of your time and money to the work of the church. Also, think of an individual who has blessed you with friendship, guidance, or some kind of material benefit. Make sure that you find a way to express your gratitude to that person if you have not done so already. View Resource

  • Call His Name Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 17:18–19

    The principles of how we are to act in certain situations are clearly given in Scripture. Yet, like Abraham, we can be guilty of going our own way. When the Lord plainly makes His intent for us known, we must dutifully obey Him, even if it is not something we want to do. For instance, God calls us to forgive those who are hard to forgive and to trust that He will provide for us as we give to others. Strive to forgive just as God in Christ forgave you. View Resource

  • The Call of Abram Devotional

    Genesis 12:1–9

    Jesus says to us: “Any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33). The kind of faith that God blesses is the faith that is willing to leave everything behind for the sake of Christ Jesus. This may involve moving away from our comforts like Abraham did, but for most of us it is more likely a faith that leads us to die to ourselves by putting others before our own needs as we endeavor to serve the Lord. View Resource

  • Children of the Promise Devotional

    Romans 9:6-9

    There are some preachers who teach that God’s promises to Israel mean that all Jewish people will be saved regardless of whether they consciously put their faith in Christ. There are many people sitting in church pews who believe they are going to heaven simply because they are members of a local visible church. Neither of these positions is correct. Salvation comes to us only through faith, and it is only for those who believe in Christ. View Resource

  • The Death of Sarah Devotional

    Genesis 23:1–9

    The Lord takes vows made in His name extremely seriously. Those who swear oaths before God must keep them, as long as the vow made was not a pledge to commit sin (Num. 30). Consider the vows you may have sworn in your life, whether in marriage, signing a business contract, or other commitment. Make sure that you are doing all that you can to keep these vows. Find a godly person who will keep you accountable and help you do the right thing. View Resource

  • Down to Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 12:10–16

    All seems to be going well for Abram when he enters Canaan, but soon a disastrous famine results. As Matthew Henry comments, this reveals “it is possible for a man to be in the way of duty, and in the way of happiness, and yet meet with great troubles and disappointments.” Have you been faithful to God and yet feel as if you are getting nowhere? Perhaps you are tempted to lie or steal to get ahead. Renounce such thoughts and ask the Lord to sustain your faith. View Resource

  • The Example of Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–14

    Abraham’s exemplary faith is mentioned in Genesis, Galatians, Romans, and Hebrews. His faith is the pattern for all believers. How does your faith compare? Do people speak of your faithfulness as an example to follow or hypocrisy to be shunned? Purpose again to live by faith, a faith which holds firmly to the whole counsel of God. View Resource

  • Faith and Righteousness Devotional

    Genesis 15:6

    How have you responded to the promises God offers to you in His Word? Do you stand as Abram did with humility and lean on the Lord and His promises? Have you obeyed Him today? Has your professed trust issued forth in love of God and your neighbor, or have you ignored the opportunities around you? If you have faith in Christ, you are counted righteous and have free access to His presence. Show forth your faith and lovingly serve another person today. View Resource

  • The Faithful God Devotional

    Genesis 15:1–21

    It is easy for Christians to talk about the trustworthiness of our God. Sometimes, however, we discuss God’s faithfulness openly without really believing that He will fulfill His promises to us. Look at your life to find areas where you need to trust God more, and pray that the Lord would increase your trust in Him. View Resource

  • Far Be It from You Devotional

    Genesis 18:20–26

    The righteous may feel some effects of divine judgment if they associate with the wicked. But even in such suffering, Matthew Henry shows us there is a difference in how a Christian responds to hardship. He writes, “Though they [the righteous] may suffer with them [the wicked], yet they [the righteous] do not suffer like them.” Take heart that the Lord sees you in your difficulties and trust in Him so that you might be a witness to His glory. View Resource

  • Father Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–9

    In justification, “our record does not change, but our guilt does” (R.C. Sproul, Faith Alone, p. 96). God does not ignore our sin when He justifies us, and He knows that until we die we will battle sin and even give in to it on occasion. Yet, if we believe, He will not hold our sin against us eternally and will bless us as He did Abraham. John Chrysostom writes: “It is faith above all that produces affinity with Abraham” (Ancient Christian Commentary, NT vol. 8, p. 37). View Resource

  • The Field of Ephron Devotional

    Genesis 23:10–16

    Abraham had earlier gained rights to the well he dug in Beersheba (Gen. 21:25–34), but the plot he bought in today’s passage was the first property he owned in Canaan. In purchasing this land, he gave an inheritance to his descendants that assured them of the promises for years to come. Are you investing for the future spread of God’s kingdom? Consider how you might leave an inheritance for your children and the church to help further the Gospel. View Resource

  • From Ur to Haran Devotional

    Genesis 11:27–32

    As we will see next week, the Lord in His grace reached into a family that did not know Him and called Abram out to create a people devoted to Himself. Some of us may be the only believer in our families. Even if our relatives are now faithful Christians, for many of us, such was not always the case. We have been graciously made recipients of God’s covenant. Do not hesitate to pray for unsaved friends and family, for they are in dire need of God’s saving grace. View Resource