• The Lord Will Provide Devotional

    Genesis 22:13–14

    How we worship God reveals whether or not we trust Him to supply our needs. Whenever we get a raise, gain an extra hour in the day, or learn a new skill, we ought to think about how we can use such things to further His kingdom. Take a hobby of yours and consider whether it can be made to serve Christ’s church. Or, learn a new skill that you can put to use in the service of others — especially for those who are incapacitated or indigent. View Resource

  • Isaac’s Question Devotional

    Genesis 22:7–8

    One commentator has said that after years of walking with the Lord, “God will provide” became Abraham’s motto. Certain of the Lord’s character, the patriarch is open to any of the ways in which God might choose to work out His plan. Do you trust the Lord so much that you are willing to do whatever He commands you to do? Look to Abraham to help make you willing to go wherever God might be sending you. View Resource

  • Take Your Son Devotional

    Genesis 22:2–6

    Faith comes quickly when the Lord calls us to do easy things. But it is much harder to trust Him when He asks us to do difficult tasks. God will not call us to offer up our children as burnt offerings, but He will ask us to step outside of our comfort zones. If you are a shy person, reach out and make a new friend this month. No matter your temperament, try to do ministry in a place that may make you uncomfortable, such as a prison, hospital, or food pantry. View Resource

  • Ishmael Cast Out Devotional

    Genesis 21:8–14

    The removal of Ishmael proves God is continually working to advance His kingdom and remove the threats to His people. Sometimes the advance of His reign requires that He protect us. Other times we may have to suffer and hope in our final rescue in order that the knowledge of the Lord may increase. Consider the many ways God may be protecting you while you drive or go about your business. Thank Him for promising eternal safety to His people. View Resource

  • He Who Laughs Last Devotional

    Genesis 21:6–7

    Matthew Henry comments: “God’s favors to his covenant people are such as surpass both their own and others’ thoughts and expectations. Who would have said that God should send his Son to die for us, his Spirit to sanctify us, his angels to attend us? Who would have said that such great sins should be pardoned?” Sarah laughed with joy at the incredible move of the Lord in her life. We must likewise never forget the wonder, joy, and surprise of our salvation. View Resource

  • Isaac Recieves the Sign Devotional

    Genesis 21:4–5

    God’s sovereign and powerful work of salvation frees us to obey Him with joy. We do not have to suffer under the burden of having our own efforts measure up, for we obey in gratitude because Christ’s faithfulness has satisfied the Lord’s covenant. Our responsibility is real and obligatory and is yet the most freeing submission we have (1 John 5:3). Are you viewing obedience as a burden? Ask the Spirit to make you one who yearns to serve Him with great joy. View Resource

  • Just as Promised Devotional

    Genesis 21:1–3

    Our God is trustworthy, and He will surely fulfill all of His promises even if we may have to wait for the resurrection to see His kingdom in all its fullness. Our Father is faithful today to work in you and cleanse you of sin and to supply you with everything you need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Know that like He did with Abraham and Sarah, God will come through for you and will complete the good work He has begun in you (Phil. 1:6). View Resource

  • God Comes to Abimelech Devotional

    Genesis 20:2b–7

    In Psalm 23:3, David tells us that the Lord leads His people “in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” If we belong to God and evidence this through our mortification of sin and holy living, then He will help protect us from falling. Do you feel as if you are having trouble loving Him and His will today? It may be because you are not practicing righteousness. Endeavor to live in holiness today and He will guard your way. View Resource

  • The Power of Prayer Devotional

    Genesis 19:27–29

    The bishop of Hippo, Augustine, had a mother who prayed for decades for his salvation, and the Lord doubtless used these prayers to move upon him, leading him to become one of the most influential theologians the world has ever known. Have you been praying for what seems like an eternity for a non-believing friend or family member? Do not give up now, for God may remember you like He remembered Abraham and grant salvation to your loved one. View Resource

  • I Am Dust and Ashes Devotional

    Genesis 18:27–33

    Deuteronomy 29:29 distinguishes between the Lord’s secret and revealed wills. His secret will contains the unalterable decrees by which He foreordains all things that come to pass. These decrees are basically unknown to us, and for the most part, we are not to worry about them. Rather, we know that our prayer is the means by which He often brings about His desires, and thus we must pray, confident that God uses our intercession to make a real and eternal impact. View Resource

  • Far Be It from You Devotional

    Genesis 18:20–26

    The righteous may feel some effects of divine judgment if they associate with the wicked. But even in such suffering, Matthew Henry shows us there is a difference in how a Christian responds to hardship. He writes, “Though they [the righteous] may suffer with them [the wicked], yet they [the righteous] do not suffer like them.” Take heart that the Lord sees you in your difficulties and trust in Him so that you might be a witness to His glory. View Resource

  • Sarah Laughed Devotional

    Genesis 18:9–12

    Our Lord and Savior said that what is impossible with men is possible with God (Luke 18:27). When we consider the trials in our lives without trust and confidence in the Lord’s sovereignty, we will crumble under the weight. However, even the obstacles we face are subject to the authority of God. Thus, no burden is impossible for Him to remove, no matter how difficult it may seem to us. Hold onto Christ this day and trust Him to do the impossible. View Resource

  • They Ate Devotional

    Genesis 18:6–8

    Only those in fellowship with God are invited to eat a meal with Him, and so sitting at Christ’s table in heaven when we eat the bread and wine is a profound privilege indeed. When we receive the sacrament, we should be reminded of the high cost of our redemption and our need of a holy substitute to be faithful where Adam was faithless. When we commune with Christ in the Supper, we should be conscious that Jesus offers His entire self to fortify our trust in Him. View Resource

  • The Oaks of Mamre Devotional

    Genesis 18:1–5

    Matthew Henry comments: “It becomes those whom God has blessed with plenty to be liberal and open-hearted.” The Lord does not bless people so that they will keep that blessing all for themselves. Instead, He wants us to share our time, money, possessions, homes, and so on, with others. Consider how you might give of your time this week to help someone in need. Spend some time with a grieving person, or volunteer to do a task at your church. View Resource

  • This Time Next Year Devotional

    Genesis 17:20–21

    We are reminded that salvation is wholly from God when we see the many miraculous births in Scripture. Of course, the preeminent example of this is Jesus’ nativity, as He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. This same Spirit is given to all who believe on Christ to empower them to live unto holiness (1 Cor. 12:13). If you are a Christian, be encouraged that the One who has saved you is the One who empowers you to serve Him. View Resource