• Down to Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 12:10–16

    All seems to be going well for Abram when he enters Canaan, but soon a disastrous famine results. As Matthew Henry comments, this reveals “it is possible for a man to be in the way of duty, and in the way of happiness, and yet meet with great troubles and disappointments.” Have you been faithful to God and yet feel as if you are getting nowhere? Perhaps you are tempted to lie or steal to get ahead. Renounce such thoughts and ask the Lord to sustain your faith. View Resource

  • The Lord Said to Abram Devotional

    Genesis 12:1–3

    Calvin wisely observes that Genesis 12:3 ought also “to excite us to assist the faithful, that if we discharge any duty towards them, God will repay it; nor ought it less to alarm us, that he denounces war against us, if we hurt any one belonging to him.” If we bless other Christians, God will bless us, but if we curse other believers, He will not let us go undisciplined. Take some time to consider how you can be a blessing to your church leaders. Then, go and serve them. View Resource

  • From Ur to Haran Devotional

    Genesis 11:27–32

    As we will see next week, the Lord in His grace reached into a family that did not know Him and called Abram out to create a people devoted to Himself. Some of us may be the only believer in our families. Even if our relatives are now faithful Christians, for many of us, such was not always the case. We have been graciously made recipients of God’s covenant. Do not hesitate to pray for unsaved friends and family, for they are in dire need of God’s saving grace. View Resource

  • The Offering of Isaac Devotional

    Hebrews 11:17–19

    God’s command that the Messiah must die (Isa. 53) seemed at first glance to be inconsistent with His promise that Messiah would rule the earth (Zech. 9:10). But now we see that both are perfectly consistent. We must resolve in our hearts to trust God even if His will may sometimes seem inconsistent to our limited understanding. View Resource

  • Living by Faith Devotional

    Genesis 22:1–14

    Dr. Sproul says that “living by faith means that sometimes we hold on to a barren cliff with our fingernails with all our strength as we trust in an invisible God.” This is what Abraham did when he was commanded to sacrifice Isaac. When your life reflects this statement, remember that you must hold on to your trust in God. View Resource

  • The Faithful God Devotional

    Genesis 15:1–21

    It is easy for Christians to talk about the trustworthiness of our God. Sometimes, however, we discuss God’s faithfulness openly without really believing that He will fulfill His promises to us. Look at your life to find areas where you need to trust God more, and pray that the Lord would increase your trust in Him. View Resource

  • The Example of Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–14

    Abraham’s exemplary faith is mentioned in Genesis, Galatians, Romans, and Hebrews. His faith is the pattern for all believers. How does your faith compare? Do people speak of your faithfulness as an example to follow or hypocrisy to be shunned? Purpose again to live by faith, a faith which holds firmly to the whole counsel of God. View Resource