• Call His Name Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 17:18–19

    The principles of how we are to act in certain situations are clearly given in Scripture. Yet, like Abraham, we can be guilty of going our own way. When the Lord plainly makes His intent for us known, we must dutifully obey Him, even if it is not something we want to do. For instance, God calls us to forgive those who are hard to forgive and to trust that He will provide for us as we give to others. Strive to forgive just as God in Christ forgave you. View Resource

  • Keep My Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 17:8–9

    The New Testament tells us we can be sure we have a persevering faith in Jesus if we maintain right doctrine (1 John 2:22–23), love other Christians (3:14), and obey Christ’s commands (2:3–6). While we will not be perfect in this, we will endeavor to do these things and repent whenever we see we are not doing them as we should (1:8–10; 2:1–2). If we do these things, we walk blamelessly. Be assured that you are in Christ if you trust Christ alone. View Resource

  • Nations and Kings Devotional

    Genesis 17:6–7

    In his commentary, Matthew Henry tells us this passage teaches that “what God is himself, that he will be to his people: his wisdom theirs, to guide and counsel them; his power theirs, to protect and support them; his goodness theirs, to supply and comfort them.” All of the Lord’s people can be encouraged that His power, wisdom, and goodness are resting upon them. Are you feeling weak this day? Know that God is with you and will sustain you in your need. View Resource

  • Walk Before Me Devotional

    Genesis 17:1–2

    The Lord calls Himself “God Almighty” in Genesis 17 to remind Abram of the power He gives His people to walk before Him. Indeed, as John Calvin says, “There is no other method of living piously and justly, than that of depending upon God.” If you trust in Christ, the omnipotent Lord of all is on your side to help you fight against remaining sin. When you are tempted today, look to His power to resist transgression and love others. View Resource

  • Through Promise Devotional

    Galatians 4:21–31

    John Calvin says Paul “is not inconsistent with the true and literal meaning; when a comparison was drawn between the Church and the family of Abraham. As the house of Abraham was then a true Church…the principal and most memorable events which happened in it are so many types to us.” All of us are tempted to think we are right with God because we are doing “better than the next person.” But our Father forgives us only on account of His Son, Jesus. View Resource

  • In Your Power Devotional

    Genesis 16:4–6

    Pride, blame shifting, and passivity are generally some of the first responses a sinner wants to make when dealing with the consequences of transgression. Yet as we have seen, none of these helps; in fact, they only aggravate the situation and render us even more guilty before God. Is there a situation for which you are to blame and yet refuse to admit culpability? Own up to your part in it today, even if no one else is willing to do so. View Resource

  • Sarai Took Hagar Devotional

    Genesis 16:2–3

    Our enemy is cunning and will often try and deceive us through those closest to us. Therefore, as John Calvin comments, “We must be on our guard against his wiles; lest by any means he should undermine us.” Consider whether you are using your relationship with another person to convince him to do something he should not be doing. Be careful not to let another close to you convince you to do something God forbids. View Resource

  • Faith and Righteousness Devotional

    Genesis 15:6

    How have you responded to the promises God offers to you in His Word? Do you stand as Abram did with humility and lean on the Lord and His promises? Have you obeyed Him today? Has your professed trust issued forth in love of God and your neighbor, or have you ignored the opportunities around you? If you have faith in Christ, you are counted righteous and have free access to His presence. Show forth your faith and lovingly serve another person today. View Resource

  • Number the Stars Devotional

    Genesis 15:4–5

    The Lord’s promise to make Abram a great nation is being fulfilled even today. As you read this devotional, there are people all across the globe hearing of Jesus for the first time, and many are trusting in Him alone for salvation. Yet so much work remains to be done. Congregants need training from pastors, and missionaries need funding. Spend some time in focused prayer today for a missionary who is heralding the good news of God’s saving grace. View Resource

  • The King of Sodom Devotional

    Genesis 14:21–24

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “The people of God must, for their credit’s sake, take heed of doing anything that looks wicked or mercenary, or that savors of covetousness and self-seeking.” Appearances can be deceiving. We must take care not to accept gifts given under false pretenses or which might bring reproach to Christ. Be wise when it comes to accepting presents and do not give gifts in order to exercise control over others. View Resource

  • Blessed Be Abram Devotional

    Genesis 14:17–20

    Abram’s tithe to the king of Salem is illustrative of what the people of God must do for the kingdom. Today, review your finances and look at how you schedule your time. Consider giving more of your time and money to the work of the church. Also, think of an individual who has blessed you with friendship, guidance, or some kind of material benefit. Make sure that you find a way to express your gratitude to that person if you have not done so already. View Resource

  • Kingly Conflict Devotional

    Genesis 14:1–7

    As we will soon see, the mighty kings of Ellasar, Goiim, Shinar, and Elam were no match for Abram, a faithful covenant keeper. Though the kingdoms of this world may rage against the Lord, in the end they will be no match for Christ Jesus, the perfect covenant keeper. In our day we see much warfare, but as Christians we should be the most at peace. Take some time to pray about any anxiety you may have so that you may be confident in Christ. View Resource

  • There Was Strife Devotional

    Genesis 13:5–7

    If we are not careful, we can allow the good gifts of the Creator to bring difficulties to our lives. Parents who favor one child over another can provoke envy between siblings and enmity between parent and child. Likewise, when the Lord blesses us with wealth, our sinful hearts might begin to serve the gift rather than the gift-giver. How are you using your blessings from God? Thank the Lord for His gifts and strive to be equitable and charitable with your resources. View Resource

  • The Return to Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 13:1-4

    All of those who are in Christ are also the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16). We can therefore expect that God is moving to provide for His faithful servants just as He did under the old covenant, even if it may seem at times that God has left this world behind. If you feel trapped by difficult circumstances, be encouraged that if you know Jesus, you are sharing in His sufferings, and thus you have the hope of eternal resurrected life. View Resource

  • Take Her and Go Devotional

    Genesis 12:17–20

    According to Scripture, we cannot sin with impunity. Paul, for example, tells us that we have not understood the Gospel if we sin so that grace may abound (Rom. 3:8; 6:1–2). We can count on God to bring all of His covenant promises to pass and intervene to save His people, but all of our sin will have long-lasting effects on our quality of life, reputations, families, and so on. If we engage in sin confident that it has no lasting effect, we are only fooling ourselves. View Resource