• Divine Reversals of Fortune

    Esther 8–9

    The early church father Athanasius of Alexandria comments that the fifth-century-BC Jews “called a feast, thanking and praising the Lord, because he had changed the situation for them.” When God intervenes to rescue His children, the only appropriate response ...Read More

  • The Jews Hear the Law

    Nehemiah 8

    God calls us to mourn our sin; however, that does not mean He expects us to be in a state of perpetual grief over our transgressions. There are times for celebration, and a healthy spiritual life makes sure to include ...Read More

  • Josiah’s Passover

    2 Chronicles 35:1–19

    We should not discount the real trials that we face or pretend that things on this side of glory are better than they really are. That does not mean, however, that we should practice an austere religion devoid of all ...Read More

  • The Ark Comes to Jerusalem

    1 Chronicles 15:1–16:3

    Joy is an important aspect of our worship. While there is no one mandated way of expressing joy in Scripture, we do understand that our worship should include reverent joy as we think on our great salvation and praise the ...Read More

  • Sorrow, Joy, and Answered Prayer

    John 16:20–24

    Although we may certainly pray to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, the normal pattern for prayer that Jesus has given to us is to approach the Father in the name of the Son and by the power of ...Read More

  • The Patience of Job

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  • God’s Will and Your Spouse

    Genesis 24

    Whether we are looking for a spouse ourselves or seeking to help another person discern a choice for marriage, we are to be guided by wisdom and the principles given in Scripture. Following these principles will help us make a ...Read More

  • Hope-Filled Evangelism

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  • Daily Gifts

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  • What Should I Do?

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