• Watch Who You Imitate

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  • An Imperfect Reconciliation

    2 Samuel 14

    Would a complete reconciliation between David and Absalom have prevented the problems that ensued later on? It is hard to say for certain. What we do know is that when reconciliation is partial or incomplete, other problems often arise. If ...Read More

  • Life Coram Deo

    Luke 16:16

    We cannot be half-hearted disciples of Jesus. When it comes to following Him, we must be all in. Although we will sin and may at times fall into periods of spiritual apathy, true disciples of Christ will persevere through these ...Read More

  • Old Tears

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  • Misunderstanding Jesus

    John 12:16–19

    It is possible for us to misunderstand Jesus as the disciples did. This is not due to any fault of Jesus but is a problem created by our own sin, ignorance, or lack of faith. By God’s grace, we can ...Read More

  • Technology and the Christian

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  • Division among the Pharisees

    John 9:8–23

    Over the course of John 9, the man born blind goes from knowing Jesus’ name to calling Him a prophet to confessing Him as Lord (9:10, 17, 38). This progression indicates a growth in the man’s understanding and faith. We ...Read More

  • Abiding in Christ

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  • Searching for the Will of God

    1 Thessalonians 4:3–8

    Discerning which path will provide the best opportunity for our sanctification is not always easy. However, if we take our personal growth into consideration, then we will be more likely to choose that which will make us more holy. When ...Read More

  • Herod’s Unlawful Oath

    Mark 6:21–29

    We should not delay keeping the oaths and vows that we have made. However, that applies only to lawful oaths and vows. Oaths and vows made to commit sin are not to be kept. Instead, we should repent for making ...Read More