• The Many Forms of Theft

    Deuteronomy 5:19

    If it was possible to rob God under the old covenant, how much worse is it to rob God under the new covenant when we enjoy greater clarity regarding our salvation? Let us not rob God by withholding our tithes, ...Read More

  • The Law and Our Powerlessness

    Romans 7:14–25

    The struggle that Paul describes with the law does not end in defeat. Rather, he says the answer is Jesus Christ (Rom. 7:25). In Christ we receive both forgiveness and the power to resist sin. We must turn to Him ...Read More

  • The Law’s Revelation of Sin

    Romans 7:7–13

    God’s law shows us the depth of our sin and thus can lead us to despair. That is why we must never preach the law without also preaching the gospel. The law gives us the bad news that we are ...Read More

  • Restraint and Guilt

    1 Corinthians 5:1

    The law should restrain Christians and inform how they deal with sin in the church. When we do not use the law as a restraint, Matthew Henry comments, “the heinous sins of professed Christians are quickly noted and noised abroad.” ...Read More

  • The Restraint of the Law

    1 Timothy 1:8–11

    People still sin inwardly under the restraining influence of the law, but the threats of the law do keep us from acting on many of our thoughts and thereby keep civil society alive. We should be grateful for this restraint ...Read More

  • Justification and Sin

    Romans 4:6–8

    Nothing can change the fact that we have sinned. But what can change is our status before God’s judgment seat. In justification, our sin and guilt are removed and we are covered by Christ’s obedience, enabling God to declare us ...Read More

  • The Christian and Sin

    Read More

  • Righteousness According to the Law

    Romans 2:13

    John Calvin, commenting on Romans 3:20, writes, “[The law] is indeed by itself, as it teaches us what righteousness is, the way to salvation: but our depravity and corruption prevent it from being in this respect of any advantage to ...Read More

  • The Law and Accountability

    Romans 3:19–20

    When you read the law of God, are you convicted by your own failure to keep it? Although we do grow in our obedience over the course of our Christian lives, we should nevertheless be convicted of how far short ...Read More

  • The Sins of the Gentiles

    Romans 1:18–32

    In our day, we see people agitating in the streets for the freedom to sin how they want without any consequences. This evidences God’s giving them over to their sin in His wrath. But all hope is not lost. God ...Read More