• Falling into Sin

    Hebrews 10:28–31

    We must put sin to death lest we harden our hearts completely against the Lord. To do this requires attending corporate worship and partaking of the means of grace, repenting when we sin, asking for help to overcome besetting sin, ...Read More

  • Exchanging Sacrifice for Judgment

    Hebrews 10:26–27

    John Owen comments that the kind of apostasy in view in Hebrews 10:26–27 is done “obstinately, maliciously, from choice, without compulsion or fear.” It is not a momentary lapse of faith that the author is talking about. Nevertheless, such lapses ...Read More

  • Focus and Faithfulness

    Romans 7:18

    Read More

  • Atonement as Ransom

    Matthew 20:20–28

    We can make two errors with respect to Satan. On the one hand, we can conceive of him as having no power at all. On the other hand, we can think of him as having more power than he actually ...Read More

  • The Need for the Cross

    Genesis 18:25

    Some people think that God could have simply forgiven our sin without an atonement. But if that were true, then the Lord would be more like an indulgent grandfather than a righteous Judge. We need God to be righteous, for ...Read More

  • The End of Sin Offerings

    Hebrews 10:15–18

    Understanding that Christ has offered the perfect sacrifice for sin takes a lot of pressure off of us. While we should always be endeavoring to obey the Lord, we are freed from having to worry about whether our obedience, our ...Read More

  • What Animal Blood Cannot Accomplish

    Hebrews 10:1–4

    John Calvin comments that the old covenant system was not useless. “The Jews, indeed, had in this a symbol and a pledge of the real cleansing; but it was with reference to another, even as the blood of the calf ...Read More

  • Christ’s One Sacrifice

    Hebrews 9:23–26

    Biblical Christianity alone has a final sacrifice for sin. Other religions prescribe rituals, pilgrimages, and other things that have to be repeated in the hopes that they might one day take effect. But Christ offered Himself once, and we have ...Read More

  • Purified of Dead Works

    Hebrews 9:11–14

    First John 3:20 tells us that our fallen hearts and consciences do still at times attempt to condemn us if we are in Christ. When this happens, we must remind our consciences that they have been finally and fully cleansed ...Read More

  • What the Tabernacle Reveals

    Hebrews 9:8–10

    Today’s passage is one of many texts that reveal that the old covenant system was never meant as an end in itself. The law and its ceremonies were given to point us finally to Christ, who accomplishes what those things ...Read More