• Petitioning for Others

    Ephesians 3:14-17

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  • Work on the Wall Begins

    Nehemiah 2:9–3:32

    God’s plan for the church is that we would be united in one faith and mission, and when this occurs we will not be tossed about by cunning and craftiness but will be a mighty army, conquering His enemies (Eph. ...Read More

  • Saul’s Initial Success

    1 Samuel 11

    God’s kingdom advances when His people come together as one and follow His obedient king. Ultimately, this occurs as we follow the leadership of Christ, patterning our churches according to His directions and growing in love and truth. To see ...Read More

  • The Unity of God’s People under True Worship

    Joshua 22

    True unity can come only as believers come together to worship the one true God according to His truth. Like the tribes described in today’s passage, we should be concerned for the pure worship of God, for if we violate ...Read More

  • Loved by the Father in the Son

    John 17:22–23

    We are loved by the Father just as He has loved the Son. True, we are not God’s children by nature but by adoption. But that adoption does not mean that He loves us any less than He loves Christ. ...Read More

  • Jesus Meets Simon

    John 1:40–42

    God has gifted the body of Christ with many different people who have many different gifts, experiences, and levels of knowledge. All of us can benefit from one another no matter how long we have been believers, and all of ...Read More

  • Communion in Gifts and Graces

    1 Corinthians 12

    Today’s passage reminds us that God has given each of His children at least one spiritual gift. If we do not use the gift or gifts the Lord has given us, the body will be diseased and will not function ...Read More

  • True Catholicity

    <p>Revelation 7</p>

    Revelation 7 indicates that God’s people will include men and women from every tribe and tongue. The catholic church is the church that is enriched by thinkers from every background who preach the truth of Scripture, not the church that ...Read More

  • One People Throughout History

    <p>Exodus 19:1&ndash;6</p>

    Because God has only one people, the promises He makes under each covenant to the corporate body apply to all of His people. We are not disconnected from Abraham, Esther, Ezra, the intertestamental Jews, or any others who make up ...Read More

  • Church Unity

    <p>Ephesians 4:4&ndash;6</p>

    The doctrinal differences we have with others over secondary theological matters are not insignificant, and we do not want to pretend we agree where we do not. However, our differences over secondary issues should not keep us from recognizing the ...Read More