• The Faith of Moses and Israel

    Hebrews 11:27–29

    Many people profess faith in Jesus and outwardly do the kinds of things that Christians do. Yet if one does not actually possess faith in Christ, all this will be for naught. From time to time, we should ask ourselves, ...Read More

  • The Faith of Amram and Jochebed

    Hebrews 11:23

    God’s people sin from time to time, but those who truly believe in Him will more and more obey Him even when His law conflicts with the laws of men. Saving faith gives us the courage to serve the Lord ...Read More

  • God Is Power

    Psalm 115:3

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  • Drawing Near through Christ

    Hebrews 10:19–22

    We will never be perfectly holy on this side of glory. However, if we have believed in Christ, we have been set apart unto God as holy. Thus, we cannot let our sin keep us from running to God through ...Read More

  • The Lord Calls Gideon

    Judges 6:1–32

    The fear of men plagues many people, making them more afraid to stand for the Lord’s Word than they should be. We must all fight this fear, asking the Lord to give us the conviction we need to obey Him ...Read More

  • Pilate’s Cynicism

    John 18:37–38a

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that “the issue in our day in regard to truth is whether there is an objective reality that is true for everyone, no matter who we are, where we live, or ...Read More

  • Hungry for the Word of God

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  • The Holy Spirit and Courage

    John 14:27b

    The Holy Spirit is with His people to give them courage. Therefore, the question for us is whether we will follow His lead and do what is right even when we are afraid. Let us not look to ourselves for ...Read More

  • Palm Trees and Tent Pegs

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  • Novelty in Preaching

    Acts 17:16–34

    So often we think it takes courage to say something new. In our day, however, the truly courageous stand for what is true, regardless of its age. May we have the courage to proclaim the old truths of God’s Word ...Read More