• The Necessity of Christology

    John 17:3

    The church has engaged in the study of Christology in order to make sure we are worshiping the true Son of God and not an idol. Not all of us are called to be full-time theologians, but all of us ...Read More

  • Obedience In Temptation

    Luke 4:1-3

    As we grow in our knowledge of and love for God’s Word, we grow in our ability to recognize the sin in our own hearts and to identify temptation when it confronts us. Growing in God’s Word also shows us ...Read More

  • The Witness of Moses and the Scriptures

    John 5:38–47

    Christ is the goal of the entire Old Testament. The various themes, people, events, and so forth of the Old Testament Scriptures point us finally to Christ, who fulfills them and grants us eternal salvation. All our study, therefore, should ...Read More