• God’s Consoling Oath

    Hebrews 7:20–22

    God has given us not only His infallible and inerrant Word to guide us in the truth but also teachers whom He has equipped to instruct us in this Word. We should therefore pay heed to the godly and wise ...Read More

  • Levi’s Inadequate Priesthood

    Hebrews 7:11–14

    God never intended for the Mosaic administration—the old covenant—to last forever. But that does not mean the elements of the moral law found in the Mosaic law pass away with the coming of Christ. The moral law remains our guide ...Read More

  • God Is Unchangeable

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  • The Christmas Letdown

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  • Haman the Agagite

    Esther 3

    Sometimes we bring unnecessary trouble on ourselves by failing to honor those whom we should honor. If we respect those whom we are supposed to respect, we make things easier for ourselves and, more importantly, we obey the Lord in ...Read More

  • Esther and Mordecai

    Esther 2

    As Christians, we know that we are to live separately from the world, not following its evil customs as we seek to be lights pointing the way to Christ (2 Cor. 6:14–18). It can be difficult to know how to ...Read More

  • Postexilic Failure

    Nehemiah 13:15–31

    During the period between Nehemiah and Christ, the hope for God’s deliverance grew and the longing for the Messiah increased among the faithful. The initial promise of the postexilic period faded, and the faithful knew that the Lord would have ...Read More

  • Escaping a Conspiracy

    Nehemiah 6

    Not everyone who expresses a desire for our welfare intends good for us. Thus, we must take great care in whom we choose to be our friends and be wise when people who once seemed to hate us suddenly appear ...Read More

  • Arming the Builders

    Nehemiah 4

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage that “the reigning fear of God is the best antidote against the ensnaring fear of man.” Good preparations and plans are vital, but the only way not to fear our enemies is to fear ...Read More

  • The Jews Complete the Temple

    Ezra 6:13–22

    Just as the returned exiles were faithful to God in an era of lesser glory, so must we be faithful to the Lord when things are difficult and we are not seeing much return on our work. The Lord wants ...Read More