• What Jesus Did Not Know

    Matthew 24:36

    It is not necessarily sinful to be ignorant of a particular fact. Jesus could not know something according to His human nature and still be the sinless and spotless Savior. Still, that Jesus experienced ignorance in His humanity shows us ...Read More

  • The Human Nature Of Christ

    Matthew 21:18

    Christ is our Lord but He is not a master who is unapproachable or who does not understand us. Having taken on our flesh, He is able to sympathize with us and He knows what we need for strength in ...Read More

  • Interpreting Scripture With the Church

    Acts 15:1–35

    Many of the greatest errors in church history arose when an individual was unwilling to read Scripture with the rest of the church. We cannot be unchurched Christians or Christians who are unwilling to submit to one another in the ...Read More

  • The Presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper

    Matthew 18:20

    When we come to the Lord’s Table, the human nature of Christ is not in the room with us but is in heaven. However, because Christ is spiritually present, we nevertheless also commune with His humanity. We are lifted up ...Read More

  • The United and Universal Church

    Ephesians 4:4–6

    Many people want to promote visible unity at the expense of the truth. But it should be evident that if individuals cannot agree on the basics of the truth, they are not united in any meaningful sense. Unity at the ...Read More

  • Twisting the Truth

    Acts 20:7-35

    How familiar are you with the creeds and confessions that your particular church or denomination follows? While these statements of faith are always subject to the final authority of Scripture, they were written to help believers understand what the Bible ...Read More

  • The Cry of the Spirit

    Galatians 4:6–7

    Some Christians have had bad experiences with their parents and find it hard to relate to God as their Father. But while the deeds of our parents influence our understanding of God’s fatherhood, we must always remember that He is ...Read More