• Baptism and Time

    Acts 10:44–48

    God promises His grace to His elect in baptism, but because He is sovereign, we cannot say that God always regenerates those who are baptized. But we know that God is a good Father, and we should pray for those ...Read More

  • The Baptism of John

    John 1:24–28

    John the Baptist was the most significant herald of the coming King. However, all Christians are in some ways heralds of the King. We are called not to point to ourselves but to point beyond ourselves to the Savior. Whether ...Read More

  • God’s Love of Beauty

    Exodus 28:2

    There are many ways to encourage the church to better reflect and appreciate divine beauty. Those who plan and lead worship can seek to add elements of beauty to corporate worship services. We can also encourage the Christian artists we ...Read More

  • Mysterious Regeneration

    John 3:9–10

    Baptism gives us a visible picture of cleansing and thus a visible picture of purification. However, baptism itself does not effect regeneration. That is the work of the Holy Spirit, who changes the hearts of those whom He has chosen, ...Read More

  • The Sign and the Thing Signified

    1 Peter 3:18–22

    Scripture frequently describes the sacraments as accomplishing certain things without telling us how they do so. Thus, we must take care in describing how baptism and the Lord’s Supper are used by God to accomplish the promises conveyed therein. As ...Read More