• Essence and Person

    John 10:30

    God is one in essence and three in person. We do not know fully how that can be; nevertheless, it is the only formula that allows us to affirm everything that Scripture says about God. And affirming everything Scripture says ...Read More

  • Trinitarian Issues

    Isaiah 55:8

    Because God is God and we are not, we should expect some things about Him to escape our full comprehension. But our failure to understand something completely does not make it a contradiction. We are called to study God’s Word ...Read More

  • The One and Only God

    1 Timothy 1:17

    In our day, many people find true monotheism offensive. In confessing only one God, we are saying not only that He is our God but that He is the God of all people whether they want Him to be their ...Read More

  • The Uncreated Word

    John 1:1–3

    Among other things, Scripture directs us in how to worship God and in how to please Him. That Scripture tells us that Jesus is God incarnate means that we can and must worship Him. Jesus is not merely a good ...Read More

  • Thomas Aquinas and the Knowledge of God

    <p>Psalm 19</p>

    If we are studying Scripture and the natural world and we perceive a contradiction, then we have failed somewhere in our study. Rightly understood, Scripture and science will never conflict, but it is possible for us to make errors in ...Read More