• Believing in and Obeying the Son

    John 3:36

    None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, and that is why people must be urged to trust in Christ right now. Any time someone hears the gospel might be the last time they hear it, so we must urge ...Read More

  • Christ the Judge

    John 12:47–50

    We will die either in a state of condemnation or in a state of salvation. Jesus is the dividing line between these two states, for only if we trust in Him alone for salvation will we be saved. It is ...Read More

  • The Coming Knowledge of God’s Glory

    Habakkuk 2:14

    In the time between Christ’s first and second advents, the Lord is spreading the knowledge of His glory through the work of the church to disciple all peoples. We are engaged in the greatest work possible and are used by ...Read More

  • Faith and Death

    1 Corinthians 15:1–58

    It can be easy to see the injustice around us and believe that things will never be set right. However, God’s Word proclaims that a day of perfect justice is coming. Those who live by faith do not lose sight ...Read More

  • God’s Initiative in Justification

    Titus 3:4–6

    God uses Word and sacrament, according to His good pleasure, to create and sustain faith in His elect. We will benefit from God’s promises only by faith, so merely hearing God’s Word preached and receiving baptism and the Lord’s Supper ...Read More

  • Loving the Darkness

    John 3:19–20

    John Calvin comments, “Unbelief is a testimony of a bad conscience; and hence it is evident that it is their own wickedness which hinders unbelievers from approaching to Christ.” People do not believe in Jesus because they love their sin, ...Read More

  • Why God Sent His Son

    John 3:17–18

    We proclaim Christ as Savior because the primary purpose for His coming into the world was to provide salvation. Yet, we cannot forget that condemnation also results when people reject Him. As you share the gospel with others, take care ...Read More