• The Apollinarian Heresy

    Luke 2:52

    Jesus’ lack of a true human soul not only compromises the atonement but it also means He could not have been tempted in every way that we are (Heb. 4:15). That, in turn, would make Him unable to help us ...Read More

  • The Divine Testimony of Jesus

    John 3:31–34

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “We do not assign to the doctrine of Christ all that it deserves, unless we acknowledge it to be divine.” Many people see Jesus as a wise human teacher, but that is insufficient. He ...Read More

  • God’s Mercy to Israel

    2 Kings 13

    It is vital that we understand that God wants to show mercy to sinners. If we are confident that God, for the sake of His Son Jesus Christ, is merciful, then we will be encouraged to turn from our sin, ...Read More

  • The Heights from Which We Have Fallen

    Genesis 1:27

    If, as the Bible tells us, man in sin has turned 180 degrees away from his original state, then we must have had an exalted original state indeed. Since, even though every part of us is tainted by sin, we ...Read More

  • Holding to Our Original Confidence

    Hebrews 3:14–19

    Christians play a part in their perseverance. Ultimately, God keeps us in the faith, preserving us in His grace. But His preservation is evident in our working out our salvation in fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12–13). If we hear the ...Read More

  • Jesus and the Hearts of Men

    John 2:23–25

    We can hide our motivations and thoughts from other people, but we can never hide them from Jesus. We should be honest with Him about our sin, because He knows it anyway, and the way to find forgiveness is to ...Read More

  • Paul Asks for Prayer

    2 Thessalonians 3:1–2

    Do you pray regularly for the success of the gospel among the unbelievers you know? It is easy for us to forget to pray for the gospel’s advance, but the Lord uses our prayers to make the gospel effective in ...Read More

  • Right Now Truly Counts Forever

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  • The Right to Be Children of God

    John 1:10–13

    Augustine writes, “We were not born of God in the manner in which the Only-begotten was born of Him, but were adopted by His grace.” To be born again is an act of grace alone, and only God can bring ...Read More

  • Wonder and Awe

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